5th & 6th class diary 2012-13

5th and 6th Class…2012/13  Mrs Dowds Class


This has been a very busy month for us as we made or Confirmation this month and it was held in Tubber. Therefore we had to do all the readings and music. We worked had and the choir was wonderful on the day. The 6th class children did all the readings, the offertory and an instrumental performance at communion. All the children read, sang and presented themselves and were a credit to their families and school.

We also prepared hard for the Cr Union quiz and we had a team in the U11 and U13 groups. The U11 group was very unlucky not to reach the Regional as they were 1 question short of a place. The U13s made it to the next round but unfortunately the Regional finals was the end of the line for us this year. The childfren were great and did so well on the nights. The U11 team was: Niamh O’Reill, Tómas Devins, Katie Johnston and Irene Murphy. The U13 team was Lorna Boland, Kyle Carrick, Dylan Ross and Ronan Murphy.

 This month we also held the Easons Spelling Bee contest in school to find a representitive for our school to the county spelling bee. Our champion this year is Ronan Murphy and he will take part in the Westmeath Spelling Bee Contest which will be held in Tubber NS on Friday the 30th April at 11 o’clock. All schools from Westmeath who are participating in this will attend Tubber N.S on this day. So we wish Ronan the very best and know he will do us proud as always.


As soon as we returned to school we had to get straight into our science project testing as we had to display our project at the BT young scientists–Primary Science Fair in the RDS on Thursday the 10th Jan. We left Tubber at 6:30 and arrived at the RDS at 8 all eager to get in and get started. It was a fantastic day. The children and myself were in awe of the whole event. There was so much to see and do…..and we were part of it. Each child and their team willingly took their slot at our stall and presented our findings and interacted with the crowds to do further testing on “Why the Onion made me cry”. 

We did alot of preparation for our confirmation this month.


We worked hard this month to put on our Christmas concert. Every class staged some production. We, 5th and 6th class did Ms Dowds version of the Little Matchstick Girl where we incorporated some modern songs and displayed the wonderful singing voises in our school. The children had great fun preparing for this play and a wonderful show was displayed on the night.


When we came back after mid term-break we had to start right into work as we have a busy few months ahead of us. Ms Liz Egan came into the school and helped dig the school garden. The vegetables were huge. We decided to use some of them in our Onion Variety Soup which we made in class and devoured on Friday 10th Nov. We had all types of onions that we had grown ourselves and Ms Conway and Ms Dowd brought in other onions from their own garden. Oh how we cried when chopping the poor onions!!!! see link Onion Soup.

We also painted our pictures for the Junior Painter of the Year Competition where the theme is: I dream…..

In Maths we learnt all about lines, angles, struts, degrees and 2-D shapes….I can now use a protractor well and I can draw a triangle with a compass……..Can You?  Every Tuesday morning we do problem solving and every morning we check our tables.

In Irish we have revised 1/ 2 syllable verbs for A.Chaite, we did many new frasaí, scealta nua, we listened to páistí éile ag caint ar CD and we answered ceisteanna faoí. 

In Eng

THE CLASS OF 2011-2012

December Notes:

The was a great month we prepared for the Carol Service which was held in the local chursh and went very well….we sang fantastic on the night. We read up to chapter 13 in our Novel and now we had enough knowledge of Scoil Éannas to make our class trip there. We had a fab time and the school was exactly as described in the book. The weather was cold but dry and so we could have a right good look around where John-Joe and Rodger spent their days with the Ard Mhaister and his brother Willie.

Scoil Éanna Pictures.

Childrens diary of the day.

 Peters Story.

 Kayleighs story.

Kians story.

November Notes: 

 We have read lots of our novel “The Young Rebels” and have learnt alot of facts on Irish heroes. We have also learnt alot about Scoil Éanna, which we will visit on the 14th Dec.

We have been practicing  for or Christmas carol service, playing Chimes, Bells, tin whistles and singing.

In Irish we have done plenty of “Caint s’ comhra” and the children love to be in the lime light. We have also don the Future tense. (Aimsir Fháist…)

In maths we covered Fractions…..equating, breaking down, mixed numbers, +, _. x, /.

The children wrote Acrostic poems about their own names they were Fab.

In SESE we have completed our World Aid projects and each group presented their project to other classes. We had fun doing them but are glad they are finished. We also did projects on “The Past Presidents of Ireland” and these projects were presented to the class and the children took notes. They now should be well informed on all our previous presidents. Its time to learn about Micahel D….considering he also won the class election. We held a mock election in the class prior to the election and Michael won.

 5th and 6th class all enteren the Late Late Shows Design a Christmas Card Competition.

October Notes:

Can you believe it’s that spoooooky time of year again. Well we learnt a fab poem called “The Bogeyman” and it had lots of alliteration in it eg In the desolate depts of a perilous place…. so the class got carried away with alliteration all around us like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Perfect Pizza etc and decided to design their own “Alliterative Names…” what a laugh we had….

We made perfect pumpkins using straight lines, we created spooky castles from old brown paper bags and we all made beautifully decorated and designed eye masks  and Barbra Killer came out again to take her place at the window.  Happy Halloween to all!!!

Recycled spooky castles.

More spooky castles.

Spookier Castles.

This month we entered 2 art competitions (Junior Painter of the Year & the Credit Union Poster Competition) and a poetry competition. The class wrote a Spooky Limerick for Moate Library.

The Girls Football Final in O’Connor Pk is causing great excitement in the class.

We started our class novel “The Young Rebels” and so far the children are very interested in the book. The story is based in St Endas School run by Padraic Pearse and his family and a young boy John-Joe who attends the school. In December we plan to visit St Endas which is now a Museum. The children are very enthusiastic about this.

Today we had a number of visitors from the Ukraine call to our class. Mrs Condron, a local community person, who collects for charities especially the Miles Jesu Orphanage brought two children Roman and Marijan and their supervisor to our class. It was very interesting to speak to these children and to listen to their stories. We found out that they eat mainly the same foods as us, they too have to go to school and they also get homework.  There were some big differences that the children noticed like the amount of work they had to do to keep their home clean and to harvest their crops. They got no support from their government and had to depend on charities received from us and many others. While the children here work at home (some of them!!!) we guessed that it was small in comparison to the work Roman and Marijan put in. But mainly the difference was the shoulder to cry on, the hugs, the kisses and the love we take for granted each day that would not be there for these children.

 Our Dear Grace letters are finished and ready to go….1000 words takes for ever to write!

We have written about ourselves in Irish and are about to do so in French.




We are also starting to work on the World Aid projects and this years theme is Caring for our planet, Feeding the World.  The groups are not yet formed but will be soon. We have a lot to live up to as last year we got a Plaque for our great understanding of the issues at hand.

5th and 6th Class Junior Painter Competition art.










5th and 6th class Cr Union Poster Competition







In English we did the poem Taking My Pen For a Walk and the children did just that….

My Pen can Walk…..









September Notes:

Welcome back to the 5th and 6th class page. We have all started back with great enthusiasm. We got straight down to work. HISTORY: We did some research on the World Trade Centre disaster as it was the 10th anniversary, we watched films, documentaries and read articles from books and newspapers published the day after the 9/11 attacks. Afterwards the children planned and wrote their own story as if they were a survivor of this awful catastrophe. I couldn’t believe the quality and insight of the stories that the children wrote.

 My September 11thDor  

In ART the children drew their own portraits…..who are theses kids? All children, boys and girls alike have started to sew. Some have taken to it like a duck to water and others are getting there. At the moment we are sewing our names and we plan to move on to sewing buttons on next. Should you need a stitch at home make sure to avail of this free service while its still a novelty.


A stitch in time saves nine!!!!



This month the children, in groups, constructed the Twin Towers from the World Trade Centre before the 9/11 events. They put in a marvellous effort using only recyclable materials. We now have three fantastic W.T.Centres in our school.


5th and 6th class World Trade Centre reconstruction.


Gaeilge: The Children have studied the Aimsir Chaite in detail this month. They have learnt lots of frasaí and know them really well. We are currently learning the National Anthem. The children have done lots of caint is comhra using new frasaí and revising verbs. They have all written essays about themselves and their families.


We started French this month. We learnt the numbers, the colours and some greetings….Bonjour, Salut, Bon Soir, Au revoir, Je m’appelle…. etc

ENGLISH: It’s that time of year again when they start advertising for the Dear Grace letters. Volumn 10  of the book will be released this year and 5th and 6th class are already planning their letters….I hope.

RELIGION: We have sorted our confirmation dates for 6th class. Confirmation will be held in Ballymore Church on Wednesday the 14th of March at 11 o’clock. The class are learning the Rosary and the Mysteries of the Rosary at the moment.

PE: 5th and 6th class will have Rugby every Tuesday after 11 o’clock break for this term. The will also have football on a Friday afternoon. We practice regularly for our up and coming C.na mB matches. The Girls have one win behind them already and hopefully the boys will after todays game.


Regular Homework

English reading….story or poem and Novel

Irish Reading….sceal nó dán

My Spelling  Workbook:  Sentences and spellings from current Unit

Irish Frasaí… new phrases given each week to be learnt in conjunction with previous phrases.

Tables….revise all multiplication and division



5th and 6th Class Work 2010-2011


We have studied World War 1  in detail and are now doing projects on it. We also read our second novel War Games which was very good and gave us a great insight into World War 1.

Early this month the whole school started Phase 1 of Food Dudes, whereby a delivery of Fruit and Veg, all prepacked was dropped at the school door each morning for 16 days. Each child got a portion of fruit and veg each day and had to eat them to get the Food Dudes gift of the day.  There were four fruits and four veg, repeated four times each to get the children used to eating them (eg Day 1 -cherry tomatoes and apples, Day 2-peppers and bananas, day 3- rasins and carrots, day 4-apples and cucumbers, day 5-cherry tomatoes and apples and so on….) Most children participated whole heartedly and recieved all gifts, others struggled on particular days, but all in all it was a great success and we now have great enthusiasm from the children and teachers to bring in fruit and veg each day…..long may it last. Phase 2 is starting Monday 4th April.

We also grew Sunflowers in our new greenhouse made out of milk cartons and given to the school by Liz Egan. Two children are responsible for watering them each day. We are planning to grow veg in the school garden over the next few weeks.

We celebrated St Patricks day.

19 children from 6th class made their Confirmation in Rosemount Church on March 10th at 11.O’clock. It was a lovely day and all children looked fab.


Week 2

This week we are going to Dublin to visit the Jeanie Johnston Memorial ship. We have studied the Great Irish Potato Famine (An Gorta Mór) in great detail over the past few weeks and the children have found it fascinating. The Jeanie Johnston Memorial Ship is currently docked at the Quays in Dublin, and it is an accurate replica of the original ship which sailed between Tralee in Co. Kerry and North America between 1847 and 1855. Here the children can go back in time and experience life on the coffin ships, through photographs, sound and hundreds of genuine artefacts. The tour will convey a deep sense of history and will to be a memorable experience for all who come on board. So 5th and 6th class, myself and Mrs Murray will visit this replica of the great tragedy that our ancestors endured. As we are also studying the Novel “Under the Hawthorn Tree” which tells the sad story of three children’s fight for survival during this time. We will also visit various memorial monuments to the famine victims in the Stephens Green and on the Quays.

Week 1

This month started with a blast of activity. With national Chatholic Schools Week in full bloom we celebrated St John Bosco’s feast day on Monday 30th Jan and we also cheated an celebrated St Bridgets Day early as we were off to a rugby blitz on Tuesday. On Wednesday we had some Grandparents into our class to tell us about their childhood for Grandparents Day. On Thursday we celebrated St Blaizes Day with morning mass and throat blessing later in school. On Friday evening we entered 2 teams into the Credit Union quiz held in Moate. Both teams did extremely well and we were very proud of them. Our U11 team won their group after a tie breaker question against Moate Convent. They are now through to the Regional Finals and we wish them all the very best. Below are some stories written by children in 5th and 6th class regards the weeks events:

 GRANDPARENTS DAY    2 February 2011

Grandparent’s day is on the 2 of February. It was a very special day in 5th and 6thin Tubber ns on that day because 5 grandparents came in and told the children all about their lives. They played hopscotch ,skipping ,whip  and a top ,conkers, chestnuts ,swimming, dancing, fishing ,played on a trees that they called round towers and they climbed up and in winter they played Jack show your light and when it was very cold and it snowed they slid in the frost , made snowmen, threw , snowballs , cough birds and then let them go .

In school they had a lot to learn. They had to learn Religion off by heart and were tested by the priests. Some people were taught by teachers who were French nuns. The jobs at home were doing messages, get food, tidy bedroom, tidy house, weigh flour and lots of outside chores. Christmas ment a lot and every house had a candle lighting in the window which ment a welcome to strangers. As presents they got jigsaws, snakes and ladders rag dolls war ships and plenty of toys made from wood. If yoi were lucky enough to get a porcelane doll you had to be real careful not to let hwe fall as she would break easily. They had no TV, DVDs, PS3, Xbox not even an iPod. Lots of people had no toilets, running water or electricity. The streets were very gravel and dusty and on market they were full of poo. Grandparents play a very big role in our lives.  Thank you to all the grandparents who visited us to tell us stories. It was fun.   The Children gave their grandparents cards and posh sweets to thank them.

By Áine Healy 


The Credit Union Quiz 

On Friday the 4 of February 2011 the Under 11 team and Under 13 team from St. Manchans National School, Tubber competed in the first round of the Credit Union Quiz which was run by St. Bridgets’s Credit Union in Moate and Clara. The Quiz was held in the Community Centre, Moate. There were twelve local schools in each category.
The two teams from Tubber looked very well wearing their Tubber jerseys for the quiz.
There was ten rounds of questions in the Under 11 category and twelve rounds in the Under 13 category. While the questions started off very easy they soon got very hard.
The Under 11 team was made up of Aine Healy, Dearbhla O’Reilly, Emily Fielding and Ronan Murphy . After ten rounds this team were joint first with Moate Girls National School. To decide on a winner there was a tie breaker round which Tubber won by the closest of margins. 
The under 13 team of Clodagh Bradley, Grace Doolan, James Sheridan and Harry Cornally came third and were just 2 points behind the winners. It was a very close result with the team only barely losing out. 
It was a brilliant result for St. Manahans NS and Ms. Dowd, their teacher, who was at the quiz was very proud. 
Everyone in the quiz won vouchers for News4You. The Under 11 team also won plaques and school bags and will go forward to the Chapter finals in the next round of the quiz in 4 weeks time. 


 Thanks to all the work put in by class teachers Ms. Dowd and Miss Kinnarney who prepared and went over pages of questions with the teams.  


by Dearbhla O’Reilly




U13 Credit Union Quiz Team 2011

















U11 Winning Credir Union Quiz Team 2011


















Tubber NS, Credit Union Teams for 2011.










Two  young  girls  from Tubber  N.S  have made up a band called Fantasy. The 2 girls are on Youtube and they have 165 views already. We think the girls will turn out to be a great success in the future. Their first song is called Shine and hopefully the girls have a lot more for their fans. The two girls names are Kayla Gannon and Saoirse Halpin and both girls are in 5th class and their fab teacher is called Mrs Dowd. One weekend Kayla went over to Saoirse’s house and both of the girls thought it would be a great idea for them to start a band. Their voices go brilliantly together. The girls hope that Louis Walsh or some record company will see them on Youtube and offer them a record deal and become famous. We all hope the girls have a new song and post it on Youtube. Kayla and Saoirse hope that when their 1stCD  comes out that loads and loads of people will buy it and they hope you all  enjoy it too. The girls would love if more people watch their video on Youtube . If you want to view it then type “celgan1” in Youtube …..

By Kayla Gannon

Rugby Blitz

Last Tuesday the 6th class went to a rugby blitz in the Midland Warriors pitch in Moate.There were 3 teams A,B and C and we faced teams such as Oliver Plunketts in Moate.We set out at about 10 o ‘clock and had to pick up Oliver Plunketts,Rosemount and Streamstown. Some of the lads in TY refereed the matches.Everyone got to play a couple of matches and some people were better than they thought.Luckily we didn’t have any injuries during the day.A great time was had by all.

By James Sheridan











































On returning to school we found out that our class received a wall plaque from World Aid Awards for our great understanding in the World Aid project. Only a small number of schools out of 1000’s received this award. The Our World Irish Aid Awards is an annual primary schools programme, now in its sixth year, which encourages pupils across Ireland to consider the lives of children in developing countries. With the help of their teachers, the students explore the day to day challenges faced by children of their own age in other countries.Our individual projects were based on the The theme of this year’s Awards  ‘A Better Future for All the World’s Children’. The programme is run by Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs. The core aim of the Our World Irish Aid Awards is to broaden the knowledge and understanding among young people of the Millennium Development Goals, as well as the work of Irish Aid in partnership with developing countries.

We also found out that Claire King had been selected for the Regional finals with her Doodle4google entry….the theme was “To me happiness is….”  Claires entry was that happiness to her is her circle of friends. We wish Claire the very best in the next round.





This month the children have completed 2 projects. They each worked on their own project for their Irish Hero. They all did great work. When they had completed their projects they wrote their heroes biography on tea stained paper and presented each biography to the class.

The second project was on Irish Aid – a bright future for all the world’s children. The children worked in groups and put a lot of time and effort into presenting great projects based on the second Millennium goal…education for all.

The class along with Liz Egan started the school garden. We grew all types and colours of flowers. The children enjoyed it and asked lots of questions.

November Competitions:

Fantasy Creative Writing competition., Irish Aid projects


The children got to dress up for Halloween on the last day before mid-term break. Everyone dressed up in costumes that were home made. They looked fantastic. Well done to all at home who helped them and thanks.

For Halloween we drew Pumpkins using straight lines only and still managed to get the perfect circle. We linked Music and Art and listened to “Fossils” from “Carnival of the Animals” and the children sketched on black card, what they imagined was happening. Very imaginative …from a skeleton disco to a skeleton orchestra.

This week (1st Oct) the children created their own jig-Saw for our JigSaw Mania display…..this was fun and looked a lot easier than it actually was. By using straight lines we divided the page. The difficulty started after we cut out the pieces when we tried to put them back together again…..We got their in the end and ended up with these….

Perfect face using straight lines only.

Perfect face using straight lines only.













October Competitions:

The Doodle 4 Googletime has come around again and the theme is “To me Happiness is……”and we had some fantabulous entries.

Dear Grace Letter. A great oppertunity for the children to do free writing.

St Bridgets Cr Union Halloween Postercompetition………………..very scarrrrrry stuff.

Credit Union Poster competition: The theme this year for the 27th annual poster competition is based on the theme ‘Local. Trusted. Serving You’, whereby the children will draw or paint a poster.

September  2010

All 5th and 6th are thrilled to be back!!!!! Even the teacher!!!!!


We have started the Basketball League, and every team will play each other and the second round will be a knockout.

The basketball league has ended and Harry’s Team beat Sean’s Team in the final. But well done to all. Everyone seems to have improved immensely from the start of the year, keep it up.

Basketball coaching started this week with Coach P.

The boys football Cuman na mBunscol has started up again and thus far we are getting nearer to O’Connor Park for the final. We beat Pullough last Wednesday with a great show of sportsmanship by all involved. Man of the match on the day was Kevin Fallon who scored two great goals. Well done all.

The Girls football/Sports started back again this month with Mrs Dowd and Trina. All girls from 4th to 6th are welcome to join on Tuesday evenings from 3:15 to 4.30. The girls will play a variety of games and learn drills and skills to accompany these games. The main starting team for any game (as with the boys) will give 6th class priority.


In Art we used “The 14 object Name design” to decorate our names, as always some were very imaginative….see below.




The children experimented with warm colours to paint an Autumn scene. They were to incorporate “prespective  art techniques” done in class to show various objects in the distance and up close. The pictures came out lovely and are displayed in the hall out side their room.Wonderful work by all.






September Competitions:

The class entered the Edco “Junior Painter of the year” competition where the theme was “This makes me smile…..” the children did fab work. You’d be surprised at what makes 10-12 year olds smile!!!!!






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