Assembly 2012

Assembly 2012

Week 18
This week Ms Minnock congratulated both of the Cr Union quiz teams who did very well on Friday night in Moate. Both teams came second in their section but unfortunately only the  1st place team goes through to the next round. Well done to the teams.
The stars of the week this week are:
Week 17
This week Bill Cornally entertained us with some great dance steps. It is no surprise that Bill has won numerous awards for Irish dancing, sean-nós dancing etc.

Great dance steps.

The stars of the week and Gaeilgoir na Seachtaine are:


Week 16
This week the school had a skip-hop session in the school and all the children participated and learnt new skipping skills. They really enjoyed this event and at the end of the day children from each class were selected to perform for the school and parents.
Cora doing the Forward Skip
 Cora doing Forward Skip.
Caoimhe doing the Slalom
 Caoimhe doing Slalom
David doing the Bell
 David doing the Bell.
Bill doing the Side Straddle.
 Bill doing the Side Straddle.
Ella doing the Front Straddle
 Ella doing the Front Straddle.
 Aoife doing the Combined Straddle.
 Sophie doing the Side Swing.
 Jonathon doing the Crossover.
 Róisin doing the Continous Crossover.
 Tessa doing the Side Swing X.
 Kayleigh doing the Cross Cross.
 Aoife doing the Pretzel.
 Kayleigh doing the Coil.
  Saoirse doing the Double Unders.
 Jeylin & Gabrielle do the Chain Skip.
 Cadhla goes Double Dutch.
 6th Class  do the Figure 8
 The Stars of the week agus Gaeilgoir na seachtaine for Wk 16 are:
Week 16 Stars of the week and Gaeilgoire.

Week 16 Stars of the week and Gaeilgoire.


Week 15   
Week 14
Mrs Minnock welcomed all back to school and we sang to the Birthday children as always. This week we were honored with some fine magic from Ronan the Magician…he baffelled us all. Well don Ronan.
The first stars of the new year are as follows:

Ronan the Magician

We are baffeled by magic…..

1st stars of the week for 2012

Assembly  2011

Week 13
This ia the  last assembly of 2011 and the children from the choir sang a number of their songs. We also had the Chairman and other members of the local St Vincent De Paul speak to the teachers and school before we presented them with Money, vouchers and lots of food, toys and clothes that had been donated to the school by the parents. John was delighted with all they received and thanked everyone most sincerely on behalf of the SVP. So here’s to all the parents, children and staff of Tubber N.S especially 5th and 6th class who organised the collection.

5th and 6th class present the SVP with all donations received.

The last Stars of the Week for 2011 are :


Final Stars of the Week for 2011


Week 12
On Friday this week the whole school wore something Green to school to show our support for Our school going Green. All the children designed a poster  for the “Tubber NS, Green and Clean” competition. One winner was selected from each room and the winners all received art materials.

“Tubber NS Clean and Green” art winners.


Green school elves 1!

More Elves!

And even more Elves….

The stars of the week are:

Week 12 stars 2011.

Week 11
This week week the choir san some of their songs for the school at assembly. Stars in the making.

Christmas Choir in action 2011.

When a Child is Born.

The Audience.

The Stars of the week this week are :

Week 11 stars.

Week 10
This week each class presented Fr Walsh with a “Good Luck and well wishing” card for his retirement.
Two representitives from each class presented Fr Walsh with the cards on behalf of their class. Fr Walsh was thrilled. The choir then sang On Eagles Wings especially for Fr Walsh.
Mrs Minnocks class sang  “Remember” for all the souls we wish to pray for.


Annie and Aine present the 6th class card.

Ronan and Emily present the 5th class card.

Michael and Niamh present the 3rd and 4th card.

Katie and Edward present 2nd and 3rd class card.

Caoimhe and Bill give their card.

The Senior Infants class children give their card.

Junior Infants present their Card.

The choir sing for Fr WALSH.

Finally, as always we selected our Stars of the week, gaeilgoir na seachtaine and best class line, which Ms Sylvestors won.


Our stars of the Week 10.

Week 9
This week we congratulated the girls football team for their fantastic game of football
during the week. They were a credit to the school in their great sportsWoman ship. The were unfortunate they way the game went but in the end the were our  winners on the day. Because of this we presented each team member with a Certificate to state that. Well done again girls.

Autumn Girls Team, O’Connor Pk 2011

Girls Team are presented with Winners Certs. Well done.

We  said prayers for the Holy Souls and remembering all who have died. We recapped on the school rules and presented students with stars of the week certs.

Week 9 Stars.













Week 8 Stars of the week and Gaelgoire na seachtaine










This week Mrs Minnock greeted assembly with a “Well done” as the School Inspectors had commented on the v.good behaviour of the pupils in our school. So well done again to all the children.

Ms Dowds class had a talent contest in school this week and all the children preformed solos or duets on stage so we asked some of them to preform for assembly this week. Kian and Chad sang “I want to be a millionare”, Ronan sang “Under pressure” and Annie Bracken sang “Allehluia”. They were all fantastic. Obviously we could not hear all acts but maybe another time.

The children sang Happy Birthday to Fr Walsh when he entered the gym and wished him well. As always Fr Walsh had nothing but kind words for the children.

The Star Students of the week, gaeilgoire na seachtaine and the best class line certs were all given out.


Week 7 Stars of the week. Gaeilgoir na seachtaine i lar.


Chad and Kian want to be millionares!!!

Ronan is Under Pressure!!!!

Alleluia Annie!








Week 6

This week 5th class gave out the Angelus. Ms Minnock spoke to the whole school regarding the WSE next week and the choir sang some of their songs/hymns for us.

No class won the Best Line as there was still chaos in the line, but next week is another week. The star students and gaeilgoire na seachtaine received their certs.


Week 6 Stars.









Week 5

This we Ms Minnock discussed Respect to all others, at all times and most of all respect ourselves. We started assembly with 5th class giving out the Angelus. And then we had a lovely treat….Róisin O Hara performed her Sean-ós dance for the whole school….and she was fantastic.  We then presented the student of the week and gaeilgoir na seachtaine to the deserving students.


















Starts of the Week and the Gaeilgoire na seachtaine.








Smile and Respect are the weekly motto for Wk4 and Wk5









The theme this week is to smile as “Smiling is contagious”.  The 5th class gave out the Angelus. Mrs Minnock congratulated the O’Reilly girls on their great achievement in the cross country schools running in The Harriers where both of them got a place in the top ten. Well done.

Week 4 Students of the week and Gaeilgeoir na sechtaine.



Week 3

This week the 6th class gave out the Angelus anhd Fr Walsh graced us with his presence for our assembly.

Mrs Minnock spoke about the difference between joking and teasing. If one is joking then everyone is having fun but with teasing then someone is sad. We all shared  some funny jokes….Ms Dowds one being the funniest of all.  We decided to include everyone in our jokes and make sure we are all having fun.

The following we the selected Stars of the Week and gaeilgoire na seachtaine.

Week 3 Students of the week and Gaeilgeoir na seachtaine.









Week 2 and 3 Motto



Week 1 & 2

We have assembly every Friday at 12 o’clock. At the first assembly Ms Minnock welcomed all the new infants to the school and welcomed all the oldies back after their summer holidays.

We sang happy birthday to all the children who had birthdays during the week, and we went through all the school rules with RESPECT at the top of the list. 

Each week we have selected “Student of the Week” from each class and they were awarded certificates. We also started up Gaeilgoir na Seachtaine again and a cert was given to the child who made the best effort to speak Irish in school.

The 6th class students gave out the Angelus at assembly this week (16th Sept).


Students of the Week (Wk1)
Students of the Week (Wk2) agus Gaeilgoire na seachtaine i lar.
Assembly  2010

Today we had our first school assembly whereby all the classes from Junior Infants up to Sixth class gathered in the hall.  Mrs.  Minnock welcomed the Junior Infants to the school and explained the school rules to all, she also spoke about respect to all people and things, both inside and out of school.

The theme of the Assembly today was RESPECT and Mrs. Dowd’s  6th class children were fantastic in their presentation of this theme through Prayers, Discussion, Poems  and a short Drama (about a girl who said mean and cruel things about people and spread lies and rumours, thus showing that while “sticks and stones will break your bones, names will also hurt you”, ).

The 6th class children who performed during Assembly.

After the 6th class were finished Mrs Minnock presented a certificate to one child from each class, who was nominated by their teacher as the student of the month, for being the child who excelled in their display of “respect” since our return to school. Well done boys and keep it up. Maith Sibh!!

The “Students of the Month” for most Respectful children

throughout the month of September.

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