Onion Soup

Our Own Organic Onion Soup

Friday 9 Nov 2012

Today we made a fabulous soup that we called Onion Variety Soup….it was scrumptious. On Thursday we dug the veg out of our school garden. The carrots were gi-normous and the rest of the veg we normal size. We had potatoes, carrots, parsnips, celery, scallions, red onions, white onions, leeks, spring onions, parsley, fennel and various other herbs. Ms Dowd and Ms Conway both brought in other types of onions that they had in their home gardens. All our ingredients were organic.

Next we took all the ingredients and utensils to the staffroom and started the cleaning process…we started with our hands and then toped and tailed all the veg. Next step was to chop them up and tip them into the big cauldron (pot). Well the tears that fell at this point were a sight to behold. The white, orange and red onions had the class in tears or was it the fear of the cauldron!!!! We had to share the jobs as some kids were very upset at the chopping of the onions others just laughed at them. Heartless, I say, Heartless.

With all chopped and cleaned we tipped the lot into the pot, we added ground pepper and covered with water. Off back to the class to discuss our work and write up notes as we waited for the soup to come to boil and we turned it down and left to simmer for an hour. Ms Dowd brought the pot up to the classroom when it was ready and she used a hand blender to puree all the vegetables. We couldn’t wait to taste it. Everyone got a ladle full in a mug to start and there was a second ladle load if you wanted it and some even got a third go. Only two people out of a class of thirty didn’t really like it. Everyone else loved it and wanted more. Ms Dowd told us that we could make this cheap, nutritious meal for ourselves when we are in college and money is tight.

By 5th and 6th Class 2012/13

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