A Busy 2013 for all.

Tubber NS Children have had a busy year so far.

Primary Science Fair Jan 10th 2013

As soon as the children returned to school after Christmas the 5th and 6th class were putting the finishing touches to the science project for the RDS Primary Science Fair. There was great excitement as they prepared for this great event…the amount of onion testing, eating and potting that was going on was fantastic. The project that they were presenting was “Why did that onion make me cry?” From growing various types of onions in our school garden to cooking onions, chopping onions and crying on a regular basis we were constantly busy. On occasion we even looked strange wearing swimming goggles in the classroom, but what ever it took, we did it to carry out our tests for our project. Ms Dowd, Ms Conway and Ms Carroll greeted the children at the school at 6:15am. When we arrived in the RDS on the 10th Jan at 8:15am it was fascinating and every child was thrilled to have had this fun, educational and inspirational experience. From 8:15 when we entered the building until 6:40pm when we left the building in the RDS it was an experience never to be forgotten…..We met Titan, we saw 3d movies, we played games, we presented our project and we got lots of free items. The children got interviewed for TV and we were presented with a beautiful piece of Crystal for our great project.  Ní dhéanfaimid dearmad ar an lá sin go deo.

Primary Science Faire 2012 Trophy.




Our Confirmation Day:

Confirmation in Tubber  Community occurs every  fourth year, where by children from Rosemount, Ballymore and Boher Ballymore come together to receive the sacrament. On the years in between the children travel to Rosemount or Ballymore to receive their confirmation. This year on the 20 February all the 6th class children from the above schools gathered in The Church of the Holy Family in Tubber to take the sacrament of confirmation. This mass was celebrated by Bishop Michael Smith, Fr Tony Gavin Tubber/Rosemount parish and Fr Smith Boher/Ballymore Parish. A wonderful service was had by all. The choir sang sweetly, readings read in both English and Irish were flawless and solo singers Annie and Ronan were a credit to themselves. Bhí na páistí breá sásta leo féin ansin.

Conformation February 2013.









Wiser, braver and prettier.

Trip back in time to the Famine:

On March 14th after many weeks of studying the famine in Ireland (An Gorta Mór) Ms Dowd, Ms Conway and 5th and 6th class from Tubber headed to Dublin to visit the memorials to the  famine victims in the Capital. We first went to St Stephens Green to see the various Irish heroes and artists such as Wolfe Tone and W.B.Yeats. We walked the park obn that lovely crisp morning before heading to the quays to board the Jeannie Johnston, a replica of the famous coffin ship in which no life was ever lost. This was a great adventure for the children and the tour guide was spectacular  with his vast knowledge of the famine, the ship itself and the ancestors and descendents of its passengers. When we disembarked we ran up the quays to the Famine Memorial Statues on the path. After a history filled morning we headed west to Dublin Zoo to meet the relatives. The children had a fantastic fun filled educational day. So when we returned to Tubber NS after a short shiopping spree in Liffey Valley it was nearly time for bed….for the teachers anyways. Nach deas an saol atá againn.

Famine trip to Jeannie Johnston









Children mee some emmigrants.

Monuments on the Quays

Str Stephens Green Famine momument.









Greeted by Wolf Tone on entering St Stephens Green.












Robert Emmett greeted us in the park.









At the Zoo.










Tubber NS Hosts the Westmeath Spelling Bee Finals

The  Eason’s Spelling Bee competition for Westmeath was  held in St Manchan’s N.S Tubber on Tuesday the 30th April. Mrs Dowd’s 5th and 6th class hosted the competition, while supporting their own star Ronan Murphy.  Eleven schools from Westmeath entered the finals competition and each child, represented their school with a very high standard of competence in spelling. After a few rounds some of the children were knocked out, under very strict rules. Eventually it was down to the two finalists Aisling from Kinnehad   and Ronan from Tubber. They both continued with this tiebreaker situation for a number of rounds and it was anyone’s game at this point. Both children were exceptional, spelling words never heard of before, where even the presenter couldn’t pronounce some of  them. It was a nail biting event that was eventually won by the best speller on the day Aisling from. Ronan was a very close second and all at Tubber N.S were very, very proud of him. Well done to all who took park on the day. We wish Aisling the very best in the next round.


Down to two Spellers....









4 left









All the finalists.











Cumann na mBunscol Spring 2013

The boys and girls once again entered the Cumann na mBunscol spring games. The Girls, being last year’s winners had moved up a division, therefore had it all to play for. Unfortunately they came up against stronger teams and did not make this year’s final for the first time in a long time. But we’ll be back. As for the boys, it’s been quite a while since they made it to the final and now we face Geashill on Wednesday 8th May on O’Connor Park in the final. This is a great achievement for the Tubber Boys and no matter  what  happens on Wednesday in the final, Tubber  deserved to be there. Go n-éiri  an t-ádh leo.

Crazy Hair Day

The children of Tubber held a crazy hair day on Friday last, 3rd May. It was a fantastic day for all and every child mad a huge effort with their hair. Some hair styles were hair-raising, others crazzzy and most were just mad. All the children and the teachers got to show off their hair style in their Friday assembly. This was an opportunity for the children to let their hair down and use/show their artistic and design talents. Bhí sport agus scléip acu go léir.  Aoibhinn beatha an scoláire.


5th and 6th class crazy heads.

4th and 5th Crazy Heads

3rd class crazy heads.

Crazy Heads from 2nd class


Senior Infants Crazies.









Crazy Babies. Junior Infants










Crazy Hair winners in Ms Dowds class.









Crazy Ladies from 3rd.

















Pretty Crazy.


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