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Here is Tommy Creagh with the crop of early  potatoes which the children grew in plastic bags. These potatoes were harvested by Tommy, Anne Marie Kinsella and Ciaran McGuinness during the last week of the Summer term.

When the children returned to school after the Summer holidays they made chips with Mrs Liz Egan’s main crop of potatoes. Mrs Egan kindly gave us the loan of her Actifry chip making machine. the chips were delicious.












Georgie Lynam is trimming the strawberry plants in the raised bed at the back of the school.



Georgie and Kevin are transplanting the marigold plants into bigger pots. These plants are now showing themselves in their full glory at the front of the school, Mrs Egan gave us two big wooden tubs and Georgie planted the marigolds in them in early May 2014. The plants were very delicate at the start and we had to put in some sticks to support them, Just look at them now.


2014-06-04 13.01.50








This year the children planted bulbs in the Autumn. The flowers appeared in the Springtime.

These beautiful  daffodils were planted by Georgie Lynam.

Tom Gilmore, Jack Galvin and Tommy Creagh also planted bulbs in large pots  the school garden.












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