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Oct 2014 Clonmacnoise

On Wednesday the 15th Oct the 5th and 6th class students of Tubber NS left for Clonmacnoise  at 9:30am along with their teachers Ms Sylvester and Ms Dowd.  From there they got the Viking Boat to Athlone where they visited Athlone Castle and got the low down on the Jacobites and the Williamites. We even got to the Luan Gallery there prints of characters from the “Táin Bó Chuainne” we on show. After all that eduaction we made our way to The Planet where we played bowling, quasar and in adventure land. We had a fantastic day and to finish it off in the Planet was brilliant. Just to make a great day better, when we left the Planet they gave us the results of the Art Competition the school had entered. One child in each class won a fab prize of a birthday party for themselves and 12 friends in The Planet. There wwere 8 happy children in Tubber N.S this Halloween, thanks to The Planet, Bowling Alley, Athlone.

seanClonmacnoise                        AvaClonmacnoise

RonanClonmacnoise                    DavidCClonmacnoise


Very interested.

Very interested.


Scary Gals!

Scary Gals!



We couldn't find the treasure.

We couldn’t find the treasure.








Maedbh found herself in the Luan Gallery.

Maedbh found herself in the Luan Gallery.


Class trip 2012….Clonmacnoise

Yesterday I awoke at 8 o’clock ecstatic for our class trip. The bus came early and brought me to the school where a different bus awaited us. Yesterday forgot my notebook and pen so I had to run inside my class and get a pen and my SESE copy. MRS. Dowd checked us all that we had what she asked like hats, gloves and raincoats. If we passed the test we could go out to the bus but if MRS. Dowd thought different she would send us out to get a jumper on the lost or found rack. When we got on the bus we were listening to music and we had a few snacks. When we arrived at Clonmacnoise we had to get into our “buddy pairs” who I was paired up with Kayleigh Donahue. When we got into our pairs we advanced into the reception and into the cinema. When we got into the cinema we watched a movie that had all the history of the place. After that we went outside and we saw all the graves and the high-crosses, St. Ciarans church,  kings church and the round towers. The entrance of the round towers were 4 metres off the ground  so that attackers would not be able to come into the tower and take all of the Monks possessions. The biggest round towers roof was took off by lightening. We also saw kings church where it is the burial place of the 7 high-kings. We saw the cathedral where the last high king Rory o’connor is buried. After that we saw the Viking ship so we rushed back to reception and off we went on the boat. On the boat was a shop where you could buy a Viking hat and sword. There was also bars and drinks. On the roof of the boat was life-jackets. The boat driver let me drive the boat and he let me say a message through the microphone. The Viking hats and Viking swords were sold out in a matter of minutes. Kevin was sooooo smart to leave his cap off the bottle of milk so it spilt everywhere. The boat journey was up to 1 hour and 30 minutes long. We arrived at the dock but the people let us through the loch and we went up the Shannon for 5 more minutes. When we got off the boat we walked to St. peters church where we said a prayer. After that we went walking towards the leisure centre but we stopped at the gates of custom barracks where we were supposed to go  but they had a special visitor. Then we progressed to the leisure centre where we went into the adventure land to wait for our food. After our food 6th class went to quasar. Then after quasar we went and played games for 10 minutes to wait for the others to finish bowling so we could have a go. During the bowling I got 4 strikes and 2 spares. After that we went to play the games where I entered 1 20c coin in a machine and I won 4euro 20c. after  we went back to the school where  Pauls dad gave me a lift home.

By callum jones


On Thursday the 18th of October 2012 5th and 6th class of Tubber National School went on a class trip. On the trip I was partnered up with Annie, and my buddy was Aaron.

        I arrived at the school at about 5 minutes past 9. Many people were there. The bus got there at approximately 9:25. When we got on the bus the first stop was Clonmacnoise.

            We later arrived at Clonmacnoise at about 10 o’clock. It was very wet and damp. Ms. Dowd blew her whistle and then we had to buddy up. We later went into the center and sat down to watch a short movie about St. Ciaran and many buildings in Clonmacnoise. After the film was finished we got a questionnaire, then we set off to see the 3 high crosses. A lady called Nuala gave us very interesting information about the crosses. It was still raining outside when we went outside when we went outside to see the many buildings and graves. The Viking ship shortly arrived.

            I thought this was the best part of the trip. We were on the boat and we got to steer the ship. Nearly everyone got a go. The trip was about an hour and a half long and we got a lot of info on the Vikings.

              We were making our way to Leisure World when we stopped to go into St. Peters Church. The Church was big and had beautiful with beautiful stain glass windows by Harry Clarke. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

                We then arrived at Leisure World. We all rushed into adventure land. We were in there for about 15 minutes .We then ate and played bowling. Kayleigh and I won on our team. Then came a little game I like to call quasar. We lost our game but my gun wasn’t working for half of it that’s why we lost. But overall I had a great day. Thank you Ms. Dowd I had a great day.

   By:Laura SHERIDAN

My Viking Trip

On the 25th of October 2012, 5th and 6th class went on a Viking trip in Athlone to learn a bit more about the vikings. We travelled by bus to clonmacnoise and went inside. In there, we watched a movie and were given a questionnere. We were to fill this in as we went on through clonmacnoise. There was two round towers and eight churches. There was a guide woman who told us more about the Vikings. After we were finished at clonmacnoise, we got a Viking boat through the River Shannon and a guided tour. We had our lunch on the boat and the man who was steering the boat told us more about the Vikings. There was a shop on the boat where you could buy Viking hats and Viking swords. He then let the people who wanted to steer steer. The teachers who came with us were mrs. Conway and mrs. Dowd. After that we walked. We were going to go to the barracks but we thought it was too wet so we didn’t but we still walked past it. We then walked to the church and we went in and prayed. Niamh and I went to check to see if the castle was open but it wasn’t. We went to leisure land then to do bowling and quasar. First we  had our food. Then we bowling and 6th did quasar. In our group, niamh got the highest score in bowling. Our team won in quasar. It was one of the best school tour’s ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




By Therese Robbins



Roisin’s story

Kians story

Emilys Trip

Rachels Trip


Scoil Éanna trip 2011

Scoil Eanna

St. Enda’s School, or Scoil Éanna, was a Secondary school for boys set up by Irish nationalist Patrick Pearse in 1908.

Pearse, generally known as a leader of the Easter Rising in 1916, had long been critical of the educational system in Ireland, which he believed taught Irish children to be good Englishmen. He had for years been committed to the preservation of the Irish language, mostly through the Gaelic League, and was dearly concerned about the language’s future. A trip abroad to Belgium and his observations of bi-lingual education there inspired him to attempt a similar experiment at home.

Pearse was not a practical businessman, but he was never one to let lack of finances get in the way of his plans. With promises from prominent nationalists as proponents of Irish heritage that they would give him whatever limited financial support they could, and, when applicable, would enrol their children in his school, Pearse established his school, which officially opened on September 8, 1908, in Cullenswood House, Ranelagh, a suburb of Dublin.

The school proved a successful experiment, but was never to fully escape the shadow of looming financial woes. In fact, the school would not have survived the crucial first few years without the devoted aid of his good friend and assistant headmaster Thomas MacDonagh, and the solid dedication of Pat’s brother Willie.

Senator Margaret Pearse bequeathed the house and its contents to the state in 1968 to be used as a memorial to both her brothers. The museum opened in 1979 and has recently undergone major renovations. Its collection consists of documents, furniture, books, artworks and other objects related to the life of Patrick Pearse and his family. The permanent exhibition principally consists of reconstructions of the rooms where Pearse lived and worked. Visitors can thus encounter objects from the collection in their original context. They can also get a sense of what life was like for the pupils of Pearse’s school as they wander around the boys’ dormitory, school museum, school art gallery and chapel. There is a dedicated exhibition of sculptural work by William Pearse, as well as an exciting programme of temporary exhibitions.

The Novel that we read this year is The Young Rebels and is based on the life of a young boy, John Joe who spent the best years of his life in Scoil Éanna. Thus 5th and 6th class and their teacher Kiera Dowd went to see the school and were thrilled to find it as described in the book, with the exception of a few missing characters.

Outside Scoil Eanna on a cold December morn.







Admiring some of Willie Pearses sculptures.








Attractive displays on Irish flora and fauna. We learnt lots about the wild life and flowers in the vicinity.

In the Head masters office….Oh what ave they done????









Is this Padraic Pearse????









Or is this Padraic Pearses sister Margarete????









This is the Harp that Margarete played so often.









Ronan seek out John-Joes picture…

I’d prefere my own bed…..








The school church that was used every day.

Nice hair guys…..








This structure in front of the Hermitage faces onto Emmets Fort.









Taking a break from the rest….







Jeanie Johnston 2011

The Famine Trip

I woke up at 7.30am and got dressed and had my breakfast. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get going.  I then got into the car and my mum drove me to school. When I got to the school I started talking to my friends and when the bus came we all got onto it.  This trip was organised for only 5th and 6th class pupils from our school.

About an hour into the journey, on the outskirts of Dublin, we saw a monument which was built during the famine. It was called Connolly’s  Folly.  This was only built so that there would be work for the poor in Maynooth. We also saw another monument called Barn’s Folly also built during the famine. We then went on to Leixlip where we saw where the first Guinness Brewery was set up.

When we got to Dublin we got off the bus and walked to the Famine Memorial which is on the banks of the River Liffey.  This memorial is made up of  statues of destitute and starving people and is dedicated to the people who died during the famine. People who funded this monument were President of America Bill and Hillary Clinton, the President Mary Mc Aleese and the actor Pierce Brosnan. Then we found a plaque on the ground which was funded by the United Nations to eradicate poverty all over the world.  Next we walked to the Sean O’Casey Bridge where we saw a seal on a pipe.  This bridge was very shaky when people jumped on it.

After this we went to the Jeanie Johnston, which is a replica of a famine ship that brought people to America.  When we got there we got up on the deck and the guide told us that no-one had ever died on any of the trips that this boat made, even when the boat crashed.  The owner of the ship was a Mr. O’Donovan.  The Captain was Cap. Attridge and there was a doctor on board whose name was Doctor Blamerhasset.  The Jeanie Johnston made 16 trips to America and each voyage took 8 weeks.  The ship was built in Quebec, Canada.  It was built to carry cargo but the Captain brought Irish emigrants over to America and brought timber back to Ireland.

On the first trip to America after Mr. O’Donovan sold the boat the Jeanie Johnston crashed.  The crew climbed up the mast and after nine days were all rescued and brought to America.

It was a very enjoyable tour of the ship and after this we got onto the bus again to go to St. Stephen’s Green Park.  The Park was developed by the Guinness family. We saw statues of Irish heroes and famous Irish writers and poets like WB Yeats and another statue dedicated to the Famine.

The last thing we did on our trip was to go to the Stephen Green Shopping Centre. Mrs. Dowd and Mrs. Murray checked that we were all there and then we went shopping for an hour or so. We then met up again with our teachers and walked to the bus and made our way home.

Thanks to our teacher Mrs. Dowd for organising this trip.

By  Dearbhla O’Reilly

5th and 6th at the Jeanie Johnston



The 6th boys get to grips with a Famine Model on the Quays.




Ahh poor doggie!

Delphi 2011

Friday 17 June the excited 6th class set off for Athlone train station again. Ms Dowd and Ms Fallon in tow again. We all boarded the train to Westport at 8:55 and yawned for the first half hour. The sun was shining and all looked good for a lovely sunny break in the West of Ireland….what more could you ask for….
We arrived in Westport and were met promptly by a coach  that brought us on a rollercoaster ride to the Delphi Adventure Centre. Just as we arrived, so did the rain and it didnt let up until we arrived back in Athlone again. That was not to prevent the children having fun. The children got fed on arrival and immediately set off on their first excursion….the fun began….they were split into 2 groups for some activities. That evening they all gathered in the games room to watch videos before heading off to bed. The plan was to “pull an all-niher”…but alas the sleep won and by 3:15 the snores could be heard in the halls and Ms Dowd and Ms Fallon could hit their beds. No allowances were made for  lack of sleep and all had to rise and shine for breakfast, packing and the next activity.
We eventually boarded the coach and made our long trip East again where the sun welcomed us home again. The eager parents awaited us on the platform and we distributed the shattered children to them.
A fun time was had by all…..
 Ní dheanfaidh mé dearmad ar an lá sin go deo!

The Tubber-Delphi group 2011The Shattered bunch


We’re not tired! The Shattered bunch

Delphi…….HERE WE COME!!!

On Friday the 18th of June the 6th class made there way to the train station in Athlone to start off their over night adventure to Delphi, Westport, Co Mayo.  Ms Dowd (class teacher) and Ms Fallon were there to meet them as they planned a relaxing and entertaining  24hr ahead of them. Was that to be???? All boarded the train with the exception of one child who delayed a little  as he waved “bye bye to mammy”. The fun was about to begin. The train took 2 hrs and we then climbed aboard a rickety rackety mini bus to venture up and down the narrow roads near Leenane. We felt every bump, pothole or blade of grass that lay on the roads. But what about it…..the sun was shining high in the sky.

On our arrival we came face to face with Mr Scally (RosemountNS) and his troops as they were departing the centre. With great advice exchanged, and well wishes we parted company. After rolling out of the bus we were introduced to DEANO…..who was our guide for the next 24hrs. He was great with the kids and they loved him. After unloading bags and changing, the children went on their first adventure….Kayaking/canoeing in Killary Harbour, in the only Fjord in Ireland—Killary Fjord.  The fun continued until late into the evening, with many activities (Abseiling,High ropes, Archery, Mountain Climbing…. to name just a few) and plenty of food.

After a very exhausting day the children  relaxed in a games room over looking the tallest mountains in Connemara – the majestic Mewelra Mountain range – Fantastic view. Finally all were ready for bed….

With an early start and a full belly, the children set off on another adventure … Jacobs Ladder……This was fun and the girls put the guys to shame when they reached the top with great effort and team work!!!!.

Finally our time to go…..How sad. All vowed to go back. It was a long trip home on a full train but with the sight of smiling family faces awaiting them, the children were delira to leave the shattered teachers again.

A great time was had by all.

Nach deas an saol a tá acu!!!!


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