School Newsletter

March 21st, 2013

First  Term  Newsletter                                                               September   2016

1.             Welcome

On  behalf  of  all  the  staff  I  would  like  to  welcome  all  new  parents  and  pupils  to  our  school. This year  we were delighted  to  receive  twenty  new  pupils.  I  hope  our  association  together  will  be  happy  and  successful.

Welcome  back  to  all  of  our  other  parents  and  pupils.  I  hope  that  you  all  enjoyed  your  summer  holidays. We  welcome  our  two  new  Special  Needs  Assistants,  Ms. Bernie Boland  and  Ms.  Betty  Higgins,  to  our  staff  and  wish  them  well.

  1. A  Tree  For  Tim

Our  school  is  deeply  saddened  by  the  tragic  loss  of  our  pupil  and  friend  Tim  Ross  R.I.P.  We  will  continue  to  remember  his  kind  heart,  bright  smile  and  enthusiasm  for  life  and  also  his innate  sense  of  fairness. We  extend  our  deepest  sympathy  to  Tim’s  parents  Richard  and  Katharine  and  to  his  sisters  Orla  and  Aoife. As  your  children  come  to  terms  with  the  loss  of  their  friend,  we  ask  all  parents  to  keep  in  touch  with  us  and  inform  us  of  any  concerns  they  may  have  about  their  child  in  the  coming  weeks  and  months.  To  celebrate  his  life  the  school  community  will  plant  a  tree  in  Tim’s  memory   on  the  30th  September.  All  are  welcome  to  attend  as  we  plant  the  tree  at the front of our school at  approx  12.30 p.m.  The  Parents  Association  have  kindly  agreed  to  provide  refreshments  afterwards  in  the  school  hall.

“The  people  we  love  don’t  go  away.  They  walk  beside  us every day,

Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and very dear.”

  1. School Hours

School begins at 9.30a.m. and  finishes at 3.10 p.m. / 2.10 p.m. (Infants). We wish to remind parents of the dangers of dropping off children very  early in the school playground. We are concerned about the number of children who are being dropped off in an unsupervised playground from 9a.m. onwards each morning. While we understand that children may be putting pressure on their parents to drop them off early to play with their friends, we urge you not to drop them off  before 9.15 / 9.20a.m. From  an  insurance  point  of  view  children  are  insured  during  school  hours  only. Therefore  the  Board  Of  Management  can  only  accept responsibility for children  during  school  hours.

  1. Opening Mass  For  New School  Year

Our  Opening  Mass  for  the  new school  year  takes  place  on  Thursday  22nd  September  at  11.15 a.m.

  1. Language Curriculum Planning

An  additional  closure  will  be  necessary  for  staff  training  in  the  New  Language  Curriculum.  The Department  Of  Education  &  Skills has  not  yet  advised  us  of  the  date  of  this  training.

  1. Drive Thru

The  Board  Of  Management  wishes  to  inform  all  families  that  the  direction  of  the  drive  thru  at  the  front  of  the  school  has  changed. This  will  ensure  safer  drop-off  from  buses  and  cars  beside  the  school  wall. We  urge  all  drivers  to  take  great  care  as  everyone  gets  used  to  the  new  direction. Please  adhere  to  the  one-way  system  as  indicated  by  newly  painted  arrows  on  the  ground

  1. Bookbills

When  paying  book bills  the  Board  Of  Management  wishes  to  acknowledge  the  difficulties  that  many  families  currently  face.  As  in  previous  years, it  has  been  decided  to  offer  the  following  options  to  families  for  payment  of  bookbills this year.

  • Payment of full  bill  in  September
  • Payment of  bill  in  two  instalments – September  &  February
  • Payment of  a  set  amount  on  the  first  Wednesday  of  each  month

Should  any  family  wish  to  discuss  alternative  payment  options  please  feel  free  to  contact  the  school  to  arrange  a  meeting.

  1. Art, Drama, And Yoga

We  have  introduced  classes  in  art, drama  and  yoga  this school  year.  All  children  from  Junior  Infants  to  6th  class  will  participate  in  the  lessons.  All  of  these  areas  assist  children  in  self  expression  and  in  dealing  with  anxiety  and  emotional  difficulties.  For  the  first  term  we  have  Eithne  Gallagher  assisting  with  Art  Classes  in  the  school.  After  Christmas,  for  the  second  term  we  will  have  Caroline  Cunningham  from  “Expressions”  School  of  Speech  and  Drama.  During  the  final  term  we  will  have  Hilary  Kinahan  giving  Yoga  classes. The  school  will  subsidise  the  cost  of  the  lessons  from  our  weekly  draw. We  are  asking  that  each  pupil  pays  €12  per  term  for  the  lessons. Payment  for  the full school year  is  €36.

  1. Welfare board

We  would  like  to  inform  all  parents  that  we  are  obliged  to  inform  the  Welfare  Board  if  a  child  is  absent  for  twenty  days  or  more  in  any  school  year.  A  written  note  of  explanation  should  be  sent  in  with  your  child  following  all  absences.

  1. Meet and Greet Evening – Monday  26th  September– Junior Inf, Senior Inf, & Sixth Class

We  will  have  a  Meet  and  Greet  Evening  on  Monday  26th  September .The  purpose  of  the  evening  is  to  give  the  teacher  and  parents  a  chance  to  “meet  and  greet” each  other.  Parents  will  spend  approximately  ten  minutes  in  their  child’s  classroom  where  the  class  teacher  will  introduce  him / herself  and  explain  class  procedures  and  homework  procedures  for  the  year.  We  hope  that  this  will  help  to  clarify  any  issues  about  which  parents  may  have  concerns. Ms. Hughes will meet Junior Infant parents at 7p.m. Mr. Kelly will meet Senior Infant parents at 7.15p.m. Ms. Dowd will meet parents of her pupils at 7.30p.m.

  1. School Draw

The  weekly   school  draw  will  recommence  on  Friday 23rd  September. The money  raised  will  be  used   for  school  related  activities  (eg. Subsidise  Art, Yoga, drama, curriculum resources,  field  trips  etc).  We  ask  that  each  family  contribute   €2  per  week  (i.e  €12  up  to Halloween  break  or  €24  from  now  to  Christmas)  Prizes  will    be  given  out  each  Friday  using  half  of  the  money  contributed.

  1. School Tour Savings Scheme

Ms.  Dowd  will  continue  to  do  a  savings  scheme  this  year  this  will  enable  children  to  pay  more  easily  for  the  school  tour  and  other  school  trips.  Children  are  encouraged  to  try  to  save   €2  each  week  from  their  own  pocket  money.  In  the  event  that  they  save  more  than  the  amount  required  this  will  be  returned  to  them  to  use  as  they  please.

  1. Mobile  Phones / Text a parent – emergencies  and  important  reminders

Should  your  address,  phone  or  mobile  phone  details  have  changed  since  you  first  registered  your  child  please  inform  the  school  immediately.  It  is  vital  that  you  receive  the  school  texts  in  an  emergency  situation.  In  the  case  of  separated  parents please  inform  the  school  if  you  would  like  text  messages /letters  sent  to  both  parents.

Mobile  Phones  are  strictly  prohibited  in  the  school.  Should  your  child  require  a  mobile  in  school  you  should  write  a  note  of  explanation  to  the  school.  Otherwise  if  phones  are  found  they  will  be  kept  in  the  office  until  collected  by  parents.           

  1. School Calendar

All  children  received  a  copy  of  our  school  calendar  including  all  school  closures  for  the  2016 / ’17  school  year.  We  ask  that  all  parents  retain  this  calendar  for  reference  during  the  year.

  1. Confirmation /  First Confession /  First Communion
  • Confirmation on  Wednesday  15th    There  will  be  no  school  for  pupils  on  this  day.
  • First Confession  will  take  place  in  Tubber  Church  on  15th  March  at  30 p.m.
  • First Communion  will  take  place  in  Tubber  Church  on  20th  May  at  11 a. m.
  1. School Lunches

Our  aim  is  to  encourage  healthy  eating  in  children.  Therefore  all  sweets , chocolate  bars,  biscuits with chocolate  (such  as  Club  Milks, Twix , Penguins  etc.),fizzy drinks,  winders,  crisps,  popcorn, cereal bars  eg. Coco pops bars, rice krispies bars, squares  bars etc. are  not  allowed  for  school  lunches. Some  suggested  alternatives  might  be  sandwiches, scones ,  buns,  plain  digestive  biscuits , cheese ,fruit,  carrots, yogurts,  fruit  juice  or   diluted  drink. We  suggest  that  children  use  reusable  bottles  instead  of  cartons  of  drinks.  We  are  asking  all  children  to  pack  their  lunch  litter  in  their  lunch  boxes  for  disposal  at  home.  This  is  to  emphasise  to  children  the  need  to  protect  our  environment  from  excess  packaging.

  1. Uniforms / School Crests

Parents  who  have  chosen  to  adopt  the  school  uniform  when  registering  their  child  in  our  school  should  ensure  that  their  child  is  wearing  the  full  uniform  at  all  times.  If  for  some  reason  your  child  cannot  wear  the  proper  uniform  please  inform  us  in  writing.  Please  label  your  child’s  jumper / cardigan,  tracksuits and  coats.  We  have  already  gathered  some  jumpers, tops  and  coats  in  our  lost  and  found  area.  Should  you  require  a  school  crest  for  your  navy  tracksuit  these  can  be  purchased  from  James  Farrell  [Mobile  phone  no.  087 – 9844754]           

  1. Medication

Written  instructions  will  be  required  from  parents  should  any  child  require  medication  during  school  hours.  On  arrival  at  school ,notes  and  medication  should  be  brought  straight  to  the  class  teacher.

  1. Parents’ Association

The  A.G.M.  of  the  Parents’  Association  will  be  held  on Tuesday  4th  October  at  8 p.m.  All  parents  are  invited  to  attend. We encourage all families to support  the  Parents  Association.  We  would  like  to  thank  our  Parents’  Association  for  all  their  help  and  support  during  the  last  school  year.  We  value  the  relationship  which  we  have  with  all  parents.    The  Parents’  Association  are  of  invaluable  assistance  in  ensuring  that  this  relationship  will  remain  open  and  supportive  from  both  sides.

  1. Parent – Teacher Communication.

Parent – Teacher  meetings  will  be  held on  Mon 24th   &  Tues 25th    October   from 3  p.m.   All  children  from  1st  –  6th  class  go  home  at  2.55p.m.  on  both  days.  You  will  receive  a  note  with  your  specific  time  a week  beforehand .  However , it  is  not  necessary  to  wait  until  then  to  discuss  your  child’s  progress.  If  at  any  time you  wish  to  discuss  your  child  with  his / her  teacher , please  telephone  the  school  and  we  will  arrange  a  suitable  time  for  you  to  call.  Parents  should  not  feel  obliged  to  contact  the  principal  regarding  most  of  their  concerns.  The  class  teacher  should  be  the  first  person  to  be  contacted  as  he/she  is  dealing  with  your  child  on  a  daily  basis,  and  is  therefore  in  the  best  position  to  deal  promptly  with  the  situation.  If  you  wish  to  see  both  class  teacher  and  principal  it  will  be  necessary  to  make an  appointment  to  see  them  after  school.

  1. Headlice.

As  we  are  at  the  beginning  of  a  new  school  year  we  would  appeal  to  all  parents  to  check  your  children’s  hair  for  head  lice  on  a  regular  basis.  If  you  detect  head  lice  we  would  appreciate  it  if  you  would  let  the  school  know  immediately.  We  can  then  ask  the  parents  of  the  other  children  in  the  class  to  treat  their  child’s hair  as  soon  as  possible  .

  1. Basketball / Tag  Rugby / Gaelic

We  are  happy  to  be  able  to  inform  you  that  once  again  Paddy  Mullally  will  coach basketball  this  year.  Sessions  began  on  9th  Sept.  Coaching  sessions will  be  rotated  between  classes. Initially  he  will coach  1st  Class,   2nd  Class  and  5th / 6th   class.  Our  Leinster  Rugby  coach  Ciarán  Sloan  has  started Tag  Rugby,  with  4th & 5th  class  each  Wednesday.  All  classes  will  start  Gaelic  with  James  Bracken  next  Monday.  Therefore  tracksuits  should  be  worn  on  Mondays  by  all  pupils.

  1. Taxi

In  the  interest  of  your  child’s  safety,  a  parent  should  accompany  a  taxi  driver  to  the  school  to  collect  a  child.  If  it  is  not  possible  for  a  parent  or  named  guardian  to  collect  a  child  we  will  require  a  signed  note  from  the  parent  giving  the  school  permission  to  release  the  child  to  the  taxi  driver.

  1. Party invitations

In  order  to  avoid  disappointment  and  distress  to  children,  we  would  ask  that  birthday  party  invitations  should  not be  handed  out  in  school.  We  would  appreciate  your  co-operation  in  this  matter.

  1. School Walk

Many  thanks  to  all  those  who  contributed  towards  our  sponsored  walk.  The  amount  raised in June 2016  was   €2,159.10  which  was  very  much  appreciated.  The  funds  raised  will  go  towards  our  school  book  rental  scheme.

  1. School Photographer.

The  School  Photographer  will  be  visiting  our  school  on  Monday  6th  February.

  1. Website

Our  website  can  be  accessed  at  Should  you  have  any  objection  to  your  child’s  photograph  being  included  in  the  teachers’ class  presentations  on  the  website,  please  contact  the  school.  Names  will  not  be  included  with  the  photos.

  1.      Garda Vetting

All  people  working  with  children  must   provide  a  copy  of  garda  vetting   to  the  Board  of  Management.

  1. Board of Management The current board are as follows:
Rev.  Fr. Tony  Gavin—Chairperson   Kenneth Fox—Parents’ Nominee.
Anne Marie  Minnock—Principal

Angela Higgins—Community Rep.
Sean Maloney—Bishop’s Nominee

Michael Hiney—Community Rep.
Mary Cosgrove—Parents’ Nominee.   Alicia Fallon—Teachers’ Rep.









——————————————————- Principal.


The End

Rugby Blitz 2011

March 21st, 2013

Rugby Blitz

Last Tuesday the 6th class went to a rugby blitz in the Midland Warriors pitch in Moate.There were 3 teams A,B and C and we faced teams such as Oliver Plunketts in Moate.We set out at about 10 o ‘clock and had to pick up Oliver Plunketts,Rosemount and Streamstown. Some of the lads in TY refereed the matches.Everyone got to play a couple of matches and some people were better than they thought.Luckily we didn’t have any injuries during the day.A great time was had by all.

By James Sheridan


Our school was invited to a tag rugby blitz in Moate. 5th and 6th class were the classes who went. There was 29 of us so we were divided into 3 teams. There were boys and girls on every team. We took a bus into Moate and arrived at 11 o clock. We got our tags and kitted out so we were ready to play. There were 4 pitches marked out so there would be 4 matches going on at the same time. We were all very excited to be playing our first tag rugby game for our school. There were loads of other schools there aswell who looked just as excited as we were. Our teacher Mrs Dowd came along with us and was cheering us on from the sideline. Every team won and drew most of their matches. When we were finished we got changed back into our school clothes and got back into the bus. We arrived back at the school at a quarter to 1. We were all starving so as soon as we got back our classroom we all tucked into our lunch. Everyone had a great time and we were all so glad we went to play.

By James Kealy

Apres match 2










apres match










Apres Match 3










Before the Rugby

5th and 6th class Rugby players....before the matches!










The End

Latest news update

October 6th, 2012

Tubber Children Raise Money for Childline

The children of Tubber N.S raised over €400 for Childline recently by hosting a Cheerios breakfast morning in the school. All the children wore their P.Js to school. Then they all sat together and had their Cheerios breakfast. The school does this fundraiser annually as it is for a very good cause and the children really enjoy it and understand  the importance of Childline.

Cumann na mBunscol Autumn 2017

The timetable for the Autumn Games are below. Note, that not all games may be played on the dates below for reasons out of my control. Because we are straight into games training for boys and girls will be random and I will let you know in advance.

End of Year Mass as we say Goodbye to 6th Class

And We bid a fond farewell to some Staff members.

Sports Day 2017


Special Awards given out at the last assembly.


The Last Supper for 6th Class

Cake Sale 2017

Tubber NS takes part in celebrating Offaly GAA day.

Well done to Dean and Sean for coming second in the All Ireland County Cub challenge competition.

The Colin Dunne memorial Races in the Harriers

First Holy Communion in Tubber

Boys and Girls play in the Cuman na mBunscol finals in

O’Connor Pk

School Tour to Clara Lara Fun Park 2017


Ms Dowd’s Class visit the Dáil

A trip to Birr Casltle.


Open Day in Tubber May 24th…for enrolling new pupils

Tubber National School

Open DAY

new enrolments FOR September 2017 ALL welcome

Date:  Wednesday 24th May 2017

Time:   10 a.m. – 12 p.m. (For pupils and parents)


Time:   6 p.m. – 8 P.M. (Open For Viewing)


Moate, Co. Westmeath.             PH: 090 64 81501

If you are still unsure of where to send your child to primary school, please come and visit us in Tubber.


St. Manchan’s National School (Tubber N.S.) is a mixed national school, accommodating both boys and girls from Infants to 6th class, situated in an idyllic country setting with easy access to Clara, Moate and surrounding areas. It is 2 mins from Exit 6 off the M6.

Please check out our school website for more information to give you an idea of some of our activities.


Saoirse wins the Offaly Football Skills Competition

Tubber NS’s Saoirse McGuinness wins the Football Skills  award for Offaly. Tubber sent four children to the county Schools GAA Skills competition. Sarah Browne represented the school in Camogie Skills, Conor Treacy represented the school in Boys Football, Donal Shirley represented the school in Hurling Skills and Saoirse McGuinness, not only represented the school in Girls football skills, but also won the best female GAA  skills player in Offaly Primary Schools. This was another wonderful achievement for Saoirse, so well done Saoirse. All four participants did the school proud.

Two Sports Scholarships for Tubber children

Two children from Tubber NS have won sports  scholarships to Moate Community School for the coming school year 2017-18. They were delighted to win and of course it alleviates a lot of the cost for parents. So well done to Saoirse McGuinness and Donal Shirley on their success.



Cuman na mBunscol Finals

Congrats to both the boys and girls football teams who have made it to the finals this week in O’Connor Pk. The girls are playing on Tue at 1:15pm and the boys are playing Wednesday at 2:30pm. Both teams have worked and played hard to get here. We wish the the very best of fun, football and luck. Tubber Abú.

2017 Boys Final team

2017 Girls Final Team


Tim’s Birthday

We remembered our good friend Tim in many ways on his Birthday. In class we had a cake and ice-cream and shared good memories. The children throughout the school wore jerseys in memory of Tim and Tim’s class mates from 5th and 6th along with Aoife, Orla and some staff released balloons as they described Tim in a word.

We send love, friendship and good wishes to our friend Tim.


The Easter raffle went down a treat with all eyes on the hampers and  the eggs. These are the happy winners:

The Easter raffle winners.


 Student of the month (January, February and March)

February and March Student of the month.

Jan (Student of the month)

Students of the week.


Cumann na mBunscol Spring 2017

Boys Football Only Group B (13 a side) Contact: Stephen Darby (Ballybryan)

Tuesday 14th March 2017 Rd1 Scoil Mhuire Naofa, Rhode v Tubber  (won)

Wednesday 22nd March 2017 Rd2 Cappagh v Tubber

Tuesday 28th March 2017 Rd 3 Tubber v Croghan

Tuesday 4th April 2017 Rd4 Ballybryan v Tubber

Tuesday 25th April 2017 Rd 5 Tubber v Bracknagh

Tuesday 2nd May 2017 Rd 6 Bye : Tubber

Tuesday 9th May 2017 Rd7 Tubber v Boher

Final Tuesday 16th May/ Wednesday 17th May / Thursday 18th May 2017

Girls Football Only Spring 2017 Group B (13 a side) Cilian Lynch ( Clonbullogue)

Wednesday 29th March 2017 Rd1 Tubber v Ballinagar

Wednesday 5th April 2017 Rd 2 Scoil Mhuire Naofa Rhode v Tubber  (won)

Wednesday 26th April 2017 Rd 3 Clonbullogue v Tubber

Final: Tuesday 16th May/ Wednesday 17th May / Thursday 18th May

Dec 2016

Students of the last week for 2016:

Students of the month for Dec:

6th Class organised a collection for the Simon Community:

Santa came to visit;

The Junior Christmas concert:

Nov 2016


Oct 2016

Halloween 2016

20161028_100949 img_5980 20161028_101628 20161028_101526 20161028_100044 20161028_100359 20161028_101255 20161028_095737



Cheerio-breakfast morning for Child-line where Tubber NS raise over €350 for this great cause.

20161027_101336 20161027_100941 20161027_100351 20161027_100551 20161027_101944 20161027_101659 977_2948



Sept 2016

A  Tree  For  Tim

Our  school  is  deeply  saddened  by  the  tragic  loss  of  our  pupil  and  friend  Tim  Ross  R.I.P.  We  will  continue  to  remember  his  kind  heart,  bright  smile  and  enthusiasm  for  life  and  also  his innate  sense  of  fairness. We  extend  our  deepest  sympathy  to  Tim’s  parents  Richard  and  Katharine  and  to  his  sisters  Orla  and  Aoife. As  your  children  come  to  terms  with  the  loss  of  their  friend,  we  ask  all  parents  to  keep  in  touch  with  us  and  inform  us  of  any  concerns  they  may  have  about  their  child  in  the  coming  weeks  and  months.  To  celebrate  his  life  the  school  community  will  plant  a  tree  in  Tim’s  memory   on  the  30th  September.  All  are  welcome  to  attend  as  we  plant  the  tree  at the front of our school at  approx  12.30 p.m.  The  Parents  Association  have  kindly  agreed  to  provide  refreshments  afterwards  in  the  school  hall.

“The  people  we  love  don’t  go  away.  They  walk  beside  us every day,

Unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and very dear.”



Achievements in the last month, reflects the childrens success all year in 2015.


Boys photo of the presentation of medals to their winning team has being mislaid, so I will accept any donations of this picture to

I will add it as soon as I get my paws on one…. but well done to both teams.


Winners of the girls Cumann na mBunscol 2015. Medals presented by past pupil, and senior footballer Jonathon Rooney.

Winners of the girls Cumann na mBunscol 2015. Medals presented by past pupil, and senior footballer Jonathon Rooney.

Winner of the Best Science award from St Ciarans, Secondary school Clara after a number of schools visited on open day.

Winner of the Best Science award from St Ciarans, Secondary school Clara after a number of schools visited on open day.

Primary Scientists..6th class with their project ready to present in The RDS on Jan 7th along side the BT Young Scientists.

Primary Scientists..6th class with their project ready to present in The RDS on Jan 7th along side the BT Young Scientists.


Ms Dowds 6th class performance of Annie with a Twist.

Ms Dowds 6th class performance of Annie with a Twist.

IMG_1622 IMG_1621

Ms Hynes' class performance of Roald Dahl's Cinderella

Ms Hynes’ class performance of Roald Dahl’s Cinderella

Ms Sylvesters class performance of Children of the World.

Ms Sylvesters class performance of Children of the World.

Budding writers of the future. All winners or the writing competition for the Clara/Tubber Community Newsletter.

Budding writers of the future. All winners or the writing competition for the Clara/Tubber Community Newsletter.

Ms Fitzpatrick, the winner of the Parents Council 1st prize......She was delira.

Ms Fitzpatrick, the winner of the Parents Council 1st prize……She was delira.

Presenting Noel, from Simon Community with money and gifts donated by parents to help towards rebuilding a life.

Presenting Noel, from Simon Community with money and gifts donated by parents to help towards rebuilding a life.

Winners of the Parents Council Childrens Draw 2015

Winners of the Parents Council Childrens Draw 2015

Winners of the AIB Art competition 2015.

Winners of the AIB Art competition 2015.

Students of the Week

Dec 2015

Dec 2015, Students of the Month

Dec 2015, Students of the Month


18th Dec

18th Dec

Nov 2015



20th Nov

20th Nov

13th Nov Students of the Week

13th Nov Students of the Week

6th Nov

6th Nov

Oct 2015

Octoner Student of the month!!

October Student of the month!!


IMG_0177 IMG_0048

Sept 2015

Wk1 Wk2 wk3



Trip to Horizon 2015

IMG_8850 IMG_8829 IMG_8831 IMG_8836 IMG_8839 IMG_8855 IMG_8858 IMG_8860 IMG_8865 IMG_8857 IMG_8852

End of year Mass

End of Year Mass.

End of Year Mass.

IMG_8878 IMG_8879 IMG_8881 IMG_8885 IMG_8886 IMG_8887 IMG_8888 IMG_8889 IMG_8890 IMG_8892 IMG_8894 IMG_8896 IMG_8897 IMG_8898 IMG_8900

School Tour 2015

3rd to 6th classes had a great time on their school tour to Croke Park, the field of dreams and afterwards to the National Aquatic Centre.
Aquatic Center 2015

Aquatic Center 2015








Easter Raffle 2015

The school Easter raffle was a great success. At assembly the children were so excited about the holidays and after some safety advice for the holidays and reflection on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we proceeded with the Student of the Month, student of the week and finally the raffle.


Students of the Week

Students of the Week


Students of the Month March.

Students of the Month March.

Easter Raffle Winners 2015.

Easter Raffle Winners 2015.

Confirmation, Rosemount Church, 20th March

The 6th class children of Tubber N.S made their confirmation in Rosemount Church on Friday the 20th March. It was a beautiful day and a fab ceremony organised by Rosemount school. All the children from Rosemount, Ballymore and Tubber looked great and behaved as great. Well done to all.

Tubber NS confirmation class 2015.

Tubber NS confirmation class 2015.





Spelling Bee county final.

Ava Cornally, represented the school in the spelling Bee county final. Well done to Ava for getting that far and for her great representation on the day. She brought some buddies along for moral support.

Our school Bee!!!

Our school Bee!!!




 Fit Friday in Tubber N.S 2014-15

The Staff and children of Tubber NS are out every Friday morning running, hopping and leaping like mad things around the back trying to keep up with Operation Transformation. So far we are all having fun.

“Don’t Believe me ….Just watch!!!”




Today Wed the 8th October we came to school in our pyjamas and all had our breakfast together for Childline. All children made a donation to Childline. How cute did we look???? The school raised E309 for childline….Every little helps. Thanks to all our parents who, as always support all events in the school.








5th and 6th Class enjoying Breakfast with Cheerios.

5th and 6th Class enjoying Breakfast with Cheerios.

4th and 5th Class for Childline.

4th and 5th Class for Childline.

3rd class.

3rd class.

2nd class enjoying Cheerios.

2nd class enjoying Cheerios.

1st Class having breakie.

1st Class having breakie.

Junior Infants.

Junior Infants.

Senior Infants.

Senior Infants.

Autumn Football Games


October 2014

Now the boys have played all their games and have won all games. We are now to play Cloghan in the final. Cloghan have also won all their games, so the final should be a great game. Watch this space. No photo of the boys yet as we have had someone missing each week.

September 2014

So far the boys have played two games….against Clonmacnoise and Pullough and have won both games.  With Ronan Byrne as the captain Vs Clonmacnoise the Tubber boys went out on the Tubber pitch with great determination and secured a great win in the first half. With a panel of 22 on the day all children got to play.

The second game was in Pullough and Paddy Bracken lead his team out onto the pitch. Playing with the wind in the first half helped secure a good lead  at half time. With all the squad getting to play the Tubber boys had a great win. Well done to them.


The girls played their second game against the Gaelscoil in Tullamore. This was a tough game and we did well to win it. Next we travelled to Daingean and played a great game of football and once again left as winners.

We will play Geashill on Monday 13th in Tubber and Ballybyran on Thursday.


The girls played their first game today against Scoil Muire in Tullamore. The Captain Martina Heavin won the toss and we played with the wind and out of the sun in the first half for a great lead at half time. The 13 aside game left us with 4 subs who all got to play on the day. This was a great start for the girls and we look forward to the next game. Tubber Abú!!!!IMG_6702[1]

Spelling Bee

This year we held our internal spelling Bee competition early and with Christopher R as our school representative we were ready to conquer Co westmeath.  Christopher practised regularly by reading his dictionary and went to his competition in St Etchins in Kineghad with confidence. Christopher did us proud and got through numerous before he faltered on a spelling. Well done Christopher for you great achievement and Best wishes to the chap who won and will go on to represent Co Westmeath.


Our School Spelling Bee 2014.

Our School Spelling Bee 2014.


Christopher showing his talent.

Christopher showing his talent.






 Credit Union Quiz 2014

Once again the senior prepared for the Credit Union Quiz. We then held an internal quiz to select our team. Once that was in order the children had to gather as much general knowledge as possible.

On the night we arrived early with 2 teams, the U13 and the U11. Both teams well ready to go. The questions started off well but it was difficult to tell until the final score was announced. Our U13 s had cone 3rd….but there was no recognition for that. So we live to fight another year. Well done to all who participated on the night and to their parents for chauffeuring on the night.


The U13 team. Therese, Niamh, Laura and Adam.

The U13 team. Therese, Niamh, Laura and Adam.


Our U11 team. Ava shane, Edward and Ella.

Our U11 team. Ava shane, Edward and Ella.





Spring Games 2014


Well it is 3 weeks into the league and we have only played one game. Yesterday on a miserable wet mucky day we played the Geashill girls in Tubber. Captain  Kayleigh led the team to victory in these harsh conditions. The Geashill girls faught hard but with the rain and mucky pitch it wasn’t an easy challenge. Some great goals and points from the Tubber girls made then the clear winners on the day. Our next game is against Daingean next Thursday……watch this space….




We played our first game this season against EdenDoire Gaelscoil in Tubber. This was a good game with a great display of skill on both sides. The boys played hard and won the game easily…… With a little help from some of the girls. We then travelled to Rhode to play our second game, we played a great game but we were unfortunate not to win. We trailed behind all through the game but in the last 10 min Tubber woke up and lashed out numerous points…but too little too late we lost by 2 points. This week we travelled to Mountboillus to play Kilcormac. This was a great game that could have gone either way in the second half. Both teams played and displayed great skill and Tubber mixed team were the final winners. Tubber Abu!

Our next game is Tuesday week in Geashill……





Autumn Games 2013

Girls Games:

Starting out again in a new school year, with a new starting team once again, we never know what to expect. We trained hard and have fun and whatever happens on the field, we always do our best. Our first game was away to St Philomenas. Kayleigh was the captain ans she lead out a great team who displayed great skill, teamwork and enjoyment, all leading to a great win for Tubber. The second game was at home to scoil Mhuire and Tessa lead this team to victory once again. On the 3rd of Oct we made our way to Geashill, our old friends where we went on to a wet an mucky pitch Captained by Aoife. This was a tough game but alas we came out victorious. On the 10th of Oct we played Daingean at home for a change as we usually travel to Daingean. Maybe this was what clinched it for us because we won this match also. Laura was the captain for this game. On the 17th Oct we have a bye as we waited to see who we were going to meet in the final. And to our surprise we were not meeting Daingean, as we have in the past few finals we we to play Geashill. This ended up being a fantastic match played in O’Brien Pk, Tullamore on Sat 23rd Oct. The sky was black and clouds lingered over our heads for the entire morning, but the game went on. The Tubber girls were really up against it with Geashill who also played their hearts out. Anyone could have won on the day, but thankfully it was Tubber who went home victorous. Therese and Niamh were the captains on the day and Therese gave a wonderful speech “as Gaeilge “. She did school, family and herself proud as did all her team. Well done girls. The medals that the girls got were presented to them by Offaly, All Ireland Star Treasa McManus in December. This was such a delight for the girls to have such an icon and sportswoman present them with their medals.


Trease mcManus presents the mBun S winners medals to the girls team.

Trease mcManus presents the mBun S winners medals to the girls team.


Boys Games:

The boys first game was at home to Boher and captained by Tomas. This was a great game and the Tubber boys emerged winners. This was a great start to the season. Our second game was  away to Gaelscoil E.D and when we eventually found a field to play in Kevin lead his team to victory once again.We eventually played Rahan in Rahan and with Ciaran as captain the boys gave it everything. Unfortunately we had a serious injury with Padraic breaking his collar bone and without making excuses we lost focus and therefore lost the game. But Padraic has since recovered and will be back next seaqson….I hope. Our final match was against Clonmacnoise in Tubber. This was a tough game and Clonmacnoise were too strong for us to get a look in. But what fun we had.



Spring Games 2013

Cumann na mBunscol Spring 2013

The boys and girls once again entered the Cumann na mBunscol spring games. The Girls, being last year’s winners had moved up a division, therefore had it all to play for. Unfortunately they came up against stronger teams and did not make this year’s final for the first time in a long time. But we’ll be back. As for the boys, it’s been quite a while since they made it to the final and now we face Geashill on Wednesday 8th May on O’Connor Park in the final. This is a great achievement for the Tubber Boys and no matter  what  happens on Wednesday in the final, Tubber  deserved to be there. The boys team have trained very hard this year and every panel member has contributed to the fact trhat we are in the final. Thanks to Tommy Colgan also for all his help. Go n-éiri  an t-ádh leo.


Autumn Games 2012


Tubber Vs Daingean 10th Nov 2012

It was a cold frosty and damp morning, but it wasn’t raining. This was a good sign. We had all cleaned our boots, readied our gloves, shorts and socks and prepared ourselves for the mighty challenge that was ahead of us. With a good healthy breakfast in us we set off to join up with the rest of the Girls Tubber.N.S football team to take our place on the O’Connor Park pitch in Tullamore for the Cumann na mBunscol Autumn final against Daingean. The team arrived in dribs and drabs but each one looking more determined than the next. We warmed up on the training pitch and then went into the changing rooms to get our jerseys. After a little pep chat and some last minute advice our captain Clodagh led us onto the pitch. In our first half we played with the very strong sun on our back. Tubber started the scoring process with a point and followed quickly with another point and a goal. But it wasn’t long before Daingean retaliated with a goal. After that it was one for one. We did well to finish the first half a few points ahead (score: 3:5 to 3:2). We took a few minutes breathing space and then got down to winning tactics. The girls were all playing fantastic so it was not a good idea to make too many changes but in order to give some of the subs a chance we made 2 or 3 changes. The game was too close to change during play. We started the second half looking shattered but soon woke up when Daingean got a goal. We knew we only had 20 minutes to claim our cup and we gave it everything we had. Right up until the last kick of the ball we fought hard and fair. Daingean footballers gave us the toughest game of our careers so far but in the end our skill, determination and super supporters got us the result we came to Tullamore to get. We left with the CUP. The tears of joy sprayed the grass in O’Connor Park when the referee blew the final whistle and the crowd (of about 100) roared with joy. The subs who had played their little hearts out in the lead up to this game ran onto the pitch to applaud their comrades. We had won the final. Immediately we were summoned to the stand to receive the cup and Clodagh Heavin gave a fabulous speech with her first 3 or 4 lines ás Ghaeilge and in the following lines she thanked Ms Dowd and all the parents and supports for their time, support and lifts throughout the years. It was a great honour to be a part of this team on Saturday 10th Nov 2012.

Tubber Girls Vs Geashill

This was the first game we got to play at home, and also the first time Geashill travelled to Tubber out of all our games against them. It was another mucky wet day and we scanned the pitch to find the driest and safest place to play. with theat we started the game with captain Annie Bracken leading the girls into victory once more. We played hard and all girls got to play and we gave it our best shot. In the end we had a good win and the result of this game gauranteed us a place in the Final against Daingean.

Tubber Girls Vs Walsh Island

This was a great game of football. We left Tubber school at 3 o’clock in a hail of torrential rain but as we neared our destination we drove into clearer skies. The girls went out for a warm up and the first kick of the ball knocked the upright of the goal…..what a start. After the starting names were called and a brief team talk the girls took their places on the pitch lead by their captain Lorna. We had a great start with a goal and a point in the first 2 min of the game. We fought off the consistent challenges of the opposition and proceeded to get the scores clocked up, at points the Islanders came close to our score but this made the Tubberians fight back harder. Once again all girls got to play and had great fun. Well done to all. Girls next match is at home to Geashill next Thursday at 3:15pm.


Tubber Boys Vs Rahan

This was another miserable wet Tuesday and the boys played at home again to Rahan. The pitch was very wet but the referee decided to let the game go ahead. Captain Matthew lead the team to their positions.  Everyone played really well and with some help from Emily, Clodagh and Therese the lads only lost by a few scores. They have been very unlucky this season with the weather which hasn’t helped their game. Boys next match is in Boher next Tuesday.

Tubber Gals Vs Daingean

Last Thursday the Tubber Girls travelled the long journey to Daingean to play their first match. Conditions on the pitch were better than our last visit. The girl togged out, warmed up and took their positions on the battlefield lead by captain Annie. We had a few quick changes to the starting team due to a few broken fingers, absent players etc to contend with but the girls played their hearts out.  We have a great team and with a bit more practice we will go far. In the  first half of the game we had to play against the wind and we fell behind by  points. In the second have we had the wind, we had 90%  possession of the ball and kept the pressure on the Daingean backs for the entire half. Unfortunately our shots we not on target but if we were to count the Wides we would have won the game well.  What a game, the girls played really well and all the girls got to play this game. We have a big panel  of girls so only the 6th class are guaranteed a game.  The next girls game is next Thursday in Walshe Island  leaving the school at 2:50pm again.

Tubber Boys Vs Clonmacnoise

The football season has started all over again. Boys and girls have training on Mondays after school. We kicked off with the Boys playing in Tubber against Clonmacnoise on a wet, cold afternoon. Ian was captain and brought the team to their places. The Boys played a great game but in the mucky wet conditions they found it hard to get the scores in the first half. After half time the Tubber boys and Threse came back fighting and got some great scores but most importantly the defence line tightened up and prevented Clonmacnoise scoring in the second half. Unfortunately we didn’t get enough to catch up on the strong Clonmacnoise lads. All the boys got to play and everyone gave their best. Our next match is on Tuesday in Tubber against Rahan.

Well done all and thanks to the best supporters in Offaly/Westmeath for lifts and encouragement.


Spring Games 2012

These games started with a blast. We played Geashill in Geashill for our first game and won. It was a tough game and being the first of the season we had no idea what to expect. With Annie as captain and a starting team of  Clodagh in goals, Kayla, Saoirse and Áine in backs we had the goal well defended from the get-go. Annie and Claire in midfield gave us ample opportunity to send the ball into Alannah, Dearbhla and Kayleigh on the forward line. A win was inevitable with both mid-fielders and forwards taking their scores when their chances came. This was the starting team and continued to line out like this for all the games.

Our second game was at home to Gortnamona and Kayla (Capt) lead the team out onto the pitch. Again the Tubber gals displayed great skill in this game and we started the secong half with a completely different line-up. Emily, Charlotte, Lorna, Rachel, Annie, Niamh, Kayleigh D, Therese, Laura and Aoife in Goals.

Our third game was away to Daingean and Alannah lead this team to glory with a number of graceful pts and goals herself. This was a tough game in pure muck. It had rained all week and was still raining during the game…..the ball wouldnt bounce and this was a different game than we had ever played.  In the end we came through with flying colours and were topping the board with 6pts.

And the final game to lead us to the final was captained by Kayleigh when we played on home soil against Walshe Island. Once again the Captain took her scores and lead us to victory. All the girls play a great game and all the panel got to display their skills on the pitch. We have now topped the table and we shall meet the team in second place in O’Connor Park.  Tubber Abú!!!

The Final…..Tubber Champions 2012

Girls Football Winners 2012

We started the cumhan na peil football in 4th class. We only had a small team at the time. The reason we started the football was because we went to the primary School sports in the tullamore harriers and none of the girls who did it were fit so mrs. Dowd decided to start up the football team. We started doing some small skills at first but then it progressed and we did some small games. In 4th class we lost all of our games. We didn’t even make it to the second round. But we kept doing drills and had great fun. Then in 5th class we were way better we practiced way harder and were way fitter. We were so good that we made it to the final but the ref was very unfair and we lost by only one point we were so upset and disappointed. We kept doing some challenge games and drills and kept our heads held high. Then we suddenly entered the 6th class and started the football earlier. We went into it with a bang. Everyone badly wanted to win the final. We won all the games and then we were in o Connor park once again. We trained super hard for our big game. Then the day arrived we stood behind the bagpipes and were very proud. Then the game started we kept our heads held up high the whole way. We got points and goals in seconds. Then we heard the half time whistle. We were winning at that time. Then some people were taken off and others put on. Then we heard the final whistle we had WON!!!! We were so so happy. We got our wonderful plaque. We were super exited. We went to super mac’s after. We went home all full of excitement. We wouldn’t have won only thanks to Aidan king and mrs Dowd. Thank you 🙂

By Alannah Carey

The End

Winter Wonderland class trip Dec 2011

February 2nd, 2012
While we were in Dublin we decided a trip Ice Skating would be a treat….so off we went.

Grandpa P.






















This is how you do it.

Kyle breakdancing!

After the skating we tried out the rides………………
The End

Credit Union Quiz

February 2nd, 2012

Credit Union 2012

Once again the Regional Cr Union Quiz time has come around. We as always represent Moate Cr Union and will do so again this year with 2 teams again. After a number of quizzes held in the school, we finally held the Big one where we selected this year’s representatives from Tubber N.S. All the 4-6th class children gathered in the hall and the Quiz Mistress, Mrs. Dowd called out the questions.  Based on various criteria and a well mixed combination of knowledge we selected our teams.

On our under 11 team we have :

Niamh O’Reilly, Therese Robbins, Charlotte Buckley and Ronan Murphy.

On our Under 13 team we have :

Kayleigh Cornally, Claire King, Dearbhla O’Reilly and Peter Fielding.


Obviously we wish them all the very best on Friday the 3rd February and know they’ll do us proud.



Cr Union 2011

The 2011 Credit Union News

The Chapter finals were help on the 4th March and our great team took their seats with the best of the midlands. The questions came and went and the team did their very best doing us proud on the night. Unfortunately we did not make it to the finals this year but they did extremely well to come in 3rd place, with Tubberclaire 2nd and Kinnegad 1st. Our local Credit Union softened the loss with a generous token to the school. Thanks to St Brigids CUfor all their support.

The Credit Union Quiz 

On Friday the 4 of February 2011 the Under 11 team and Under 13 team from St. Manchans National School, Tubber competed in the first round of the Credit Union Quiz which was run by St. Bridgets’s Credit Union in Moate and Clara. The Quiz was held in the Community Centre, Moate. There were twelve local schools in each category.

The two teams from Tubber looked very well wearing their Tubber jerseys for the quiz.

There was ten rounds of questions in the Under 11 category and twelve rounds in the Under 13 category. While the questions started off very easy they soon got very hard.

The Under 11 team was made up of Aine Healy, Dearbhla O’Reilly, Emily Fielding and Ronan Murphy . After ten rounds this team were joint first with Moate Girls National School. To decide on a winner there was a tie breaker round which Tubber won by the closest of margins.
The under 13 team of Clodagh Bradley, Grace Doolan, James Sheridan and Harry Cornally came third and were just 2 points behind the winners. It was a very close result with the team only barely losing out.
It was a brilliant result for St. Manahans NS and Ms. Dowd, their teacher, who was at the quiz was very proud.
Everyone in the quiz won vouchers for News4You. The Under 11 team also won plaques and school bags and will go forward to the Chapter finals in the next round of the quiz in 4 weeks time.
 Thanks to all the work put in by class teachers Ms. Dowd and Miss Kinnarney who prepared and went over pages of questions with the teams.

by Dearbhla O’Reilly


Our Fantabulous Credit Union Team!

On the 29th Jan 2010 Tubber N.S entered two teams in the local Credit Union Quiz. This was held in Moate Community Centre. The U13’s team was Kathryn Ruddle, Grace Doolan, James Fallon and Gary Colgan. The U11 team was Dearbhla O’Reilly, James Sheridan, Sean Farrell and Peter Fielding. Both teams did us proud especially when the U11’s came in 1st place to go forward to the Regional Final. The Regional Final was held again in Moate on the 5th March and needless to say our fantastic U11 team won again, this time to go forward and represent the school in the All Ireland Final in the RDS.

This was a fantastic achievement and all children worked hard to make this day another one to remember. The final was held on Sunday the 18th April and the quiz master was Martin King who took a shine to our team and made numerous references to them throughout the day. Well done to these children and all their classmates who helped them through the year and wished them well. Their class made beautiful cards for each child on the team. Well done to all. Maith Shibh!!!

Credit Union Team 2010

Credit Union team with their G’Luck Cards.

The End

5th and 6th Pictures

October 6th, 2011

5th and 6th Class 2016/17



6th Class Pictures from 2015.

IMG_8905 IMG_8912 IMG_8927 IMG_8938 IMG_8849 IMG_8850 IMG_8854 IMG_8855 IMG_8858 IMG_8862

School Tour 2015

School Tour 2015

IMG_8614 IMG_8617 IMG_8618 IMG_8619 IMG_8620 IMG_8625 IMG_8633 IMG_8639 IMG_8631 IMG_8648


The Girls Final……We came second!!!!


End of Year Mass.

End of Year Mass.

6th Class Dinner.

The Last Supper 2015.

The Last Supper 2015.

A different angle!

A different angle!

Cake Sale 2015

Cake Sale 2015….A Great success. Well done to Ms Dowd’s 5th and 6th Class.

All Sold OUT!!!

All Sold OUT!!!











Cake Sale 2015

Cake Sale 2015



975_2352 975_2343 975_2344 975_2345 975_2349 975_2351 975_2352


975_2295 975_2297 975_2302 975_2303 975_2307 975_2311 975_2312 975_2317 975_2321 975_2323 975_2324


The After Picture!!

The After Picture!!


The Opposition!!!

The Opposition!!!


Christmas  2011


Christmas 2010


6th class end of year mass.

Making Frosty

Our recycled bags…

Snow’where to go!

Who? Me?

Gals of the 2010-11 team.

Tubbe Girls 2011 O ‘Connor Pk













The End

Assembly 2012

September 27th, 2011

Assembly 2012

Week 18
This week Ms Minnock congratulated both of the Cr Union quiz teams who did very well on Friday night in Moate. Both teams came second in their section but unfortunately only the  1st place team goes through to the next round. Well done to the teams.
The stars of the week this week are:
Week 17
This week Bill Cornally entertained us with some great dance steps. It is no surprise that Bill has won numerous awards for Irish dancing, sean-nós dancing etc.

Great dance steps.

The stars of the week and Gaeilgoir na Seachtaine are:


Week 16
This week the school had a skip-hop session in the school and all the children participated and learnt new skipping skills. They really enjoyed this event and at the end of the day children from each class were selected to perform for the school and parents.
Cora doing the Forward Skip
 Cora doing Forward Skip.
Caoimhe doing the Slalom
 Caoimhe doing Slalom
David doing the Bell
 David doing the Bell.
Bill doing the Side Straddle.
 Bill doing the Side Straddle.
Ella doing the Front Straddle
 Ella doing the Front Straddle.
 Aoife doing the Combined Straddle.
 Sophie doing the Side Swing.
 Jonathon doing the Crossover.
 Róisin doing the Continous Crossover.
 Tessa doing the Side Swing X.
 Kayleigh doing the Cross Cross.
 Aoife doing the Pretzel.
 Kayleigh doing the Coil.
  Saoirse doing the Double Unders.
 Jeylin & Gabrielle do the Chain Skip.
 Cadhla goes Double Dutch.
 6th Class  do the Figure 8
 The Stars of the week agus Gaeilgoir na seachtaine for Wk 16 are:
Week 16 Stars of the week and Gaeilgoire.

Week 16 Stars of the week and Gaeilgoire.


Week 15   
Week 14
Mrs Minnock welcomed all back to school and we sang to the Birthday children as always. This week we were honored with some fine magic from Ronan the Magician…he baffelled us all. Well don Ronan.
The first stars of the new year are as follows:

Ronan the Magician

We are baffeled by magic…..

1st stars of the week for 2012

Assembly  2011

Week 13
This ia the  last assembly of 2011 and the children from the choir sang a number of their songs. We also had the Chairman and other members of the local St Vincent De Paul speak to the teachers and school before we presented them with Money, vouchers and lots of food, toys and clothes that had been donated to the school by the parents. John was delighted with all they received and thanked everyone most sincerely on behalf of the SVP. So here’s to all the parents, children and staff of Tubber N.S especially 5th and 6th class who organised the collection.

5th and 6th class present the SVP with all donations received.

The last Stars of the Week for 2011 are :


Final Stars of the Week for 2011


Week 12
On Friday this week the whole school wore something Green to school to show our support for Our school going Green. All the children designed a poster  for the “Tubber NS, Green and Clean” competition. One winner was selected from each room and the winners all received art materials.

“Tubber NS Clean and Green” art winners.


Green school elves 1!

More Elves!

And even more Elves….

The stars of the week are:

Week 12 stars 2011.

Week 11
This week week the choir san some of their songs for the school at assembly. Stars in the making.

Christmas Choir in action 2011.

When a Child is Born.

The Audience.

The Stars of the week this week are :

Week 11 stars.

Week 10
This week each class presented Fr Walsh with a “Good Luck and well wishing” card for his retirement.
Two representitives from each class presented Fr Walsh with the cards on behalf of their class. Fr Walsh was thrilled. The choir then sang On Eagles Wings especially for Fr Walsh.
Mrs Minnocks class sang  “Remember” for all the souls we wish to pray for.


Annie and Aine present the 6th class card.

Ronan and Emily present the 5th class card.

Michael and Niamh present the 3rd and 4th card.

Katie and Edward present 2nd and 3rd class card.

Caoimhe and Bill give their card.

The Senior Infants class children give their card.

Junior Infants present their Card.

The choir sing for Fr WALSH.

Finally, as always we selected our Stars of the week, gaeilgoir na seachtaine and best class line, which Ms Sylvestors won.


Our stars of the Week 10.

Week 9
This week we congratulated the girls football team for their fantastic game of football
during the week. They were a credit to the school in their great sportsWoman ship. The were unfortunate they way the game went but in the end the were our  winners on the day. Because of this we presented each team member with a Certificate to state that. Well done again girls.

Autumn Girls Team, O’Connor Pk 2011

Girls Team are presented with Winners Certs. Well done.

We  said prayers for the Holy Souls and remembering all who have died. We recapped on the school rules and presented students with stars of the week certs.

Week 9 Stars.













Week 8 Stars of the week and Gaelgoire na seachtaine










This week Mrs Minnock greeted assembly with a “Well done” as the School Inspectors had commented on the v.good behaviour of the pupils in our school. So well done again to all the children.

Ms Dowds class had a talent contest in school this week and all the children preformed solos or duets on stage so we asked some of them to preform for assembly this week. Kian and Chad sang “I want to be a millionare”, Ronan sang “Under pressure” and Annie Bracken sang “Allehluia”. They were all fantastic. Obviously we could not hear all acts but maybe another time.

The children sang Happy Birthday to Fr Walsh when he entered the gym and wished him well. As always Fr Walsh had nothing but kind words for the children.

The Star Students of the week, gaeilgoire na seachtaine and the best class line certs were all given out.


Week 7 Stars of the week. Gaeilgoir na seachtaine i lar.


Chad and Kian want to be millionares!!!

Ronan is Under Pressure!!!!

Alleluia Annie!








Week 6

This week 5th class gave out the Angelus. Ms Minnock spoke to the whole school regarding the WSE next week and the choir sang some of their songs/hymns for us.

No class won the Best Line as there was still chaos in the line, but next week is another week. The star students and gaeilgoire na seachtaine received their certs.


Week 6 Stars.









Week 5

This we Ms Minnock discussed Respect to all others, at all times and most of all respect ourselves. We started assembly with 5th class giving out the Angelus. And then we had a lovely treat….Róisin O Hara performed her Sean-ós dance for the whole school….and she was fantastic.  We then presented the student of the week and gaeilgoir na seachtaine to the deserving students.


















Starts of the Week and the Gaeilgoire na seachtaine.








Smile and Respect are the weekly motto for Wk4 and Wk5









The theme this week is to smile as “Smiling is contagious”.  The 5th class gave out the Angelus. Mrs Minnock congratulated the O’Reilly girls on their great achievement in the cross country schools running in The Harriers where both of them got a place in the top ten. Well done.

Week 4 Students of the week and Gaeilgeoir na sechtaine.



Week 3

This week the 6th class gave out the Angelus anhd Fr Walsh graced us with his presence for our assembly.

Mrs Minnock spoke about the difference between joking and teasing. If one is joking then everyone is having fun but with teasing then someone is sad. We all shared  some funny jokes….Ms Dowds one being the funniest of all.  We decided to include everyone in our jokes and make sure we are all having fun.

The following we the selected Stars of the Week and gaeilgoire na seachtaine.

Week 3 Students of the week and Gaeilgeoir na seachtaine.









Week 2 and 3 Motto



Week 1 & 2

We have assembly every Friday at 12 o’clock. At the first assembly Ms Minnock welcomed all the new infants to the school and welcomed all the oldies back after their summer holidays.

We sang happy birthday to all the children who had birthdays during the week, and we went through all the school rules with RESPECT at the top of the list. 

Each week we have selected “Student of the Week” from each class and they were awarded certificates. We also started up Gaeilgoir na Seachtaine again and a cert was given to the child who made the best effort to speak Irish in school.

The 6th class students gave out the Angelus at assembly this week (16th Sept).


Students of the Week (Wk1)
Students of the Week (Wk2) agus Gaeilgoire na seachtaine i lar.
Assembly  2010

Today we had our first school assembly whereby all the classes from Junior Infants up to Sixth class gathered in the hall.  Mrs.  Minnock welcomed the Junior Infants to the school and explained the school rules to all, she also spoke about respect to all people and things, both inside and out of school.

The theme of the Assembly today was RESPECT and Mrs. Dowd’s  6th class children were fantastic in their presentation of this theme through Prayers, Discussion, Poems  and a short Drama (about a girl who said mean and cruel things about people and spread lies and rumours, thus showing that while “sticks and stones will break your bones, names will also hurt you”, ).

The 6th class children who performed during Assembly.

After the 6th class were finished Mrs Minnock presented a certificate to one child from each class, who was nominated by their teacher as the student of the month, for being the child who excelled in their display of “respect” since our return to school. Well done boys and keep it up. Maith Sibh!!

The “Students of the Month” for most Respectful children

throughout the month of September.

The End

November 2010

November 21st, 2010
Our Garden5th and 6th class, with guidance of Liz Egan, started the school garden. They planted flowers of all types and colours. All the children got to plant a flower.



Someone forgot to tell these strays that this tree was already planted.





The School Green Team and Liz Egan.

















The children who received certs for kindness.

The children who received certs for kindness.

We held our second assembly in Nov after our return to school. Ms Kinnarneys class, 3rd and 4th gave a lovely presentation to the school on Remembrance, remembering the dead, remembering important things and remembering to be kind and thoughtful  at all times. One child from each class was nominated by their teacher to receive a certificate to state that they had shown kindness and thoughtfulness in school. Well done to them, and keep it up.

3rd and 4th class who performed at assembly.


All the children dressed up for Halloween. They looked scary, cute and ghostly. Because such an effort was put into all costumes we had a parade in the hall where every class got to walk the walk and show off their outfit. Fun was had by all.

Junior Infants scaries.

Senior Infants Horrors.

Witches and Wizards of 1st class.

Scaries from 2nd and 3rd.

3rd and 4th monsters.

Homemade Beauties from 5th and 6th.


The End

Visit to Titanic Exhibition. 2010

August 28th, 2010

Our Visit to the Titanic:

On the 11th February Mrs Dowd and her class (33 pupils) and Mrs Murray went to City West to visit the Titanic Exhibition. The class had previously done alot of research into this geat “unsinkable” ship. They had each done projects and also watched the movie. This all added to the excitement on the day. The children could go back in time and experience the legend of the Titanic through photographs, sound and hundreds of genuine artefacts from world’s most famous ship prior to the anniversary of that tragic night on 15th April 1912.

The children loved the adventure and knew alot of the facts before the guide told them. They were able to see all of the artifacts that they had read about and learnt how these were recovered. They then got a chance to visit the shop where they could buy some replicas of the artifacts amongst other things. With a bit of time to spare after the visit we still had time to go to Citywest Shopping Centre where the children went in in groups to spend their fortunes and the shattered  teachers could just about scrape up enough for a hot cuppa.

Our visit to the Titanic.

Visit to the Titanic 11th Feb 2010

6th class at the Titanic Exhibition 2010.

The End

Crazy Hair Day

August 10th, 2010

We held a Crazy Hair Day on the     for Charity and school funds. A great day was had by all…..some of the children were very artistic.



The End