A word from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

From 1941 to 1944 I was an altar boy for both Fr. Drake and Dr. Dunne. Forty-one years later I followed them both to Tubber as Parish Priest in June 1985. It is true that a school is an integral part in every parish, and it is particularly true of Tubber. This is due to the long and close relationship there has been between St. Manchan’s School and Holy Family Parish, Tubber, manifest in the many annual ceremonies and regular school Masses. Children sing in the school choir and church choir. They read aloud in school presentations and church liturgies. Our school is a nursery for the future citizens of Tubber, and our present day adults are a wonderful testament to the formation they received there. It is with pleasure I have been part of the Boards of Management since I came to Tubber. I have seen marvellous fruit from their labour, and made many good friends therein. I thank them all for their interest, their advice, and for the sacrifice of their time. A very sincere thanks too to the Parents’ Councils, whose interest and labour have yielded much welcome funds for the upkeep of the school. We all – the Board of Management, The Parents’ Association, the teachers and I – work closely together for the good of our children.

“Floreat semper et crescat”  –  May it continue to flourish and grow.

Fr. Michael Walsh, P.P.