Green Schools

Green Schools Meeting

 Date of Meeting : 1st April 2011

Venue :                St. Manchan’s National School

Attendees :          Ms. Dowd                   Teacher

                                    Kathy Kidd                 6th Class

                                    James Sheridan           6th Class

                                    Aine Farrell                 6th Class

                                    Dearbhla O’Reilly       5th Class

                                    Saoirse Halpin             5th Class

                                    Calum Jones                4th Class

                                    Lorna Boland              4th Class

                                    Kevin Fallon               3rd Class

                                    Niamh O’Reilly           3rd Class

                                    Ella Doolan                 2nd Class

                                    Martina Heavin           2nd Class 

Agenda :

Progress  update on tidiest classroom.

Compost bins.

Plans for the future.

School garden.

Update since Previous Meeting :

Signs put on bins to show where the paper goes and where the rubbish goes.

We have reused old materials for art  e.g.5th and 6th class made all their Christmas decorations from old materials.

Kevin and Ms. Carroll doing the compost bin 2-3 times a week.

Most classes are improving with keeping their rooms clean and having less plastic in their bins. 

6th class feed the birds and water plants daily.

2 boys from sixth do laundry daily and dry it on Wire Horses over night.

School gardens and new  greenhouse made from milk cartons that the whole school helped bring in.

 Drink bottles are names and reused each day.

Plans for the future:

Turn off  lights in classrooms when leaving.

Make sure the taps aren’t running when leaving.

We are getting rid of the rubbish bin so there will only be the paper bin and the compost bin. 

Go around to all classrooms and advise them how to improve in the cleaning of their classrooms.

Every class will be growing something from vegetables to flowers e.g.5th and 6th class will be growing lettuce and peas.

We have assigned Bin Spies in all classes to watch usage of the bins.

Signed : 

Dearbhla O’Reilly

5th Class