St Manchan’s National School, Tubber

Tubber National School is a co-educational school under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Meath. It is a seven-teacher school located on the Westmeath/Offaly border. Tubber National School was built in 1948 and is a focal point of the parish of Tubber. This school was an amalgamation of the boys and girls school.The school was renovated and extended in 2006 and officially opened by An Taoiseach Brian Cowen and blessed by the Most Rev.Michael Smith, Bishop of Meath on Monday, 1st October 2007.


In the school reception, on an existing wall from the old school a mosaic mural of “The Tree of Life” has been designed. This Tree has been dedicated to Moira Lynch, R.I.P in recognition of her contribution to the development of the new school. It reads….

The tree represents the growth and nourishment that the school provides for the children and community. The water source at the base of the tree represents the name and area “Tubber” meaning “well”. The unseen roots represent our past- where we’ve come from and who we are today. The trunk represents the present, as we weather all the changes and challenges of the here and now, what forms us into who we will be when at last we branch out and go our different directions. Within the bark of the tree, words, which the pupils have provided, are imprinted into the clay. The branches stretching out represent our future-symbolising the endless opportunities open to all of us and the different choices we will make. The leaves growing over the border of the frame represent how knowledge is taken out of the school to the wider community.




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