The School Garden


Aine Abbie Jacob and some of the senior infant  children sowed peas on March 31st. Jacob's pea is growing well. First you need to take it out of the pot. Aine and Abbie are planting their peas. Aine is ready with the watering can. Jacob and Abbie love gardening.

Paeder is planting his pea

The Potatoes are growing now.
  Kayleigh and Aimee are planting their peas. Amireh has sown some bedding plants. Jacob is planting his peas Some of Mr Kelly's class are growing these beans. Ben has sown some bedding plants. Tommy is filling his pot with  compost ready to sow some wild flower seeds. The bedding plants are growing well.   The lettuce is growing well. We can see the white flowers on the strawberry plants. Look how big the potatoes are now. Carrots sown by children from Mr Kelly's class.The beans are now growing into a bean stalk. Kane sowed these radish and turnips. These marigolds were sown by David and Bryan from 6th class.